Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Monday afternoon I went to get an eyebrow wax and a massage. I like to plan all of my beautification activities close together since the place I get everything done is a long way from my house. Because I knew I was going to get a wax, I quit plucking and allowed my wild and woolly eyebrows to do as they pleased for a few days…which means they were truly wild and woolly, for I come from a long line of hairy Italians. If I were a man, I think I’d have back hair.

Anyway, I had to see a new lady because my regular wasn’t working that day. Her name was Kathy and she was full of spunk. She came and got me from the ladies lounge and immediately started talking. As we walked to her little room, I jokingly told her my eyebrows were taking over my face. She turned around to look and said, “ACK! Yes they are!”

Before she applied the wax we talked about my eyebrows. I told her how I like them done. She said she could see where they were usually waxed and went with it. While I laid there with my eyes closed, she chatted about her upcoming move, how she loved to cook, Starbucks, her son-in-laws cappuccinos, etc. etc. etc. She said she jabbered on to keep me from feeling any pain when as she ripped the wax from my face.

In the midst of the chatter and the ripping, she complimented me on my skin tone. I thanked her and told her that I was a little concerned about age spots. She said she could see the problem and after pointing out my trouble areas, she suggested a place I could go to get a procedure that I can’t pronounce that would look worse before it would look better, but that this procedure would get rid of my age spots, and that I’d have to get serious about staying out of the sun after that or my spots would come back.

I told her I was a runner and spent a lot of time outside. I told her that I try to remember sunscreen and that I wear my sunglasses, but that it is still an issue.

Then she talked about sun and running and how runners look GREAT from the neck down, but not so good from the neck up…

So when I left my eyebrow wax for my massage, I wasn’t sure if I felt MORE beautiful or less, now that my eyebrows were waxed into shape…

At least I have a lovely skin tone under all those age spots.

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