This is my page of favorites.  Blogs that are, I hope, a bit more interesting than the day to day mileage report.  These are meant to encourage, inspire, entertain and make you laugh.  Enjoy!

A Rockin' Running Playlist
This post contains 50 of my favorite running songs and 1 bonus track.  Need new music to get you moving?  Check it out!

Rocks in the Sidewalk and Racing Cheerleaders
The crazy tale of the injury that has stuck with me through most of my journey as a runner.

Stats and Such
This is a lot of numbers, but the point of it all is to show how far the average Jane has come in her journey as a runner.

Marathon Pacing = Amazing Experience
My very first time as a marathon pacer.

On Husbands and Running 
The story of how I met my husband and how running played a role in it.

Running is Like...
Well you will just have to see what it is like.

The Morning Gaggle
These are the girls who get me through my weekly runs - and with such flare! 

My First Fifty Part I or The Woods Were Lovely, Dark and Deep
My First Fifty Part II or Love Conquers All
My First Fifty Part III or I Could Be a Stunt Double
The crazy adventure that was my very first 50 Mile Trail Run

Two Running Truths
Two important truths about running.

Honk If You Like Runners
Three types of honkers and why they honk at runners.

My Husband the Ironman, Part I
My Husband the Ironman, Part II
My Husband the Ironman, Part III
The three-part series of my amazing husband and his journey to become an Ironman.

Santa is a Runner
Here's my proof.

The word no athlete wants to hear...and the time it applied to me.

Thoughts on Hydration
The post on how to hydrate healthily.

The Non-Running Post About Dad
The story of the greatest man in all the world.  It's good.  I promise.

My experience with the fear so many runners have...will I be last?

I Want a Do-Over
The marathon when things did not go as well as I'd hoped...and that is just a part of it. 

Once Upon a Run
A funny little story of the day Mom came to my rescue.

The Bird and Me
When things got a little tough, I got just the reminder I needed that I had plenty for which to be thankful.

My Mom the Marathoner
This is the story of an amazing woman (my mom) and her completion of a marathon in all 50 sates of the United States.