Monday, April 6, 2009

I love spring

When summer begins to come to a close, and the weather starts to cool off, I am so ready. I am usually tired of the oppressive heat, ready to run in cooler temps, ready for mittens, scarves, and hats.

When winter comes to a close, and the temperatures start to slowly rise, I am equally as ready. I am ready for my skin to breathe in the fresh morning air. I am ready to feel the sun on my shoulders. I am ready for tank tops, flip flops, and dinner on the back porch.

Right now I am in that moment. It seems the last vestiges of winter are holding on with both hands as we enjoy a warm Sunday afternoon and then a frigid Monday morning. But even so, flowers are beginning to bloom. Trees are turning green. The sound of lawn mowers fills the air in the afternoons, and more people are seen walking dogs, pushing strollers, and jogging down our neighborhood streets.

I absolutely love spring. It isn't just that I can shed those thick winter sweaters, and all the layers I wear when running. It is that, plus the feeling of waking up. The feeling of breathing a little deeper. The feeling of life starting all over again. Maybe that's how they came up with spring cleaning. Opening windows, airing out the closed-in spaces. Putting extra blankets away for the summer. Planting flowers, cutting back shrubs. It gives me this brand new feeling, making me want to have everything around me as fresh, clean, and new as the breeze outside.

With the coming of spring, comes Easter as well. Another day of renewing, awakening, life. Maybe it was the divine plan that we would celebrate the day our Savior rose from the dead, with the time of year eggs are hatching, flowers are blooming, and everything seems to be coming to life once more. It sure makes sense to me, and it only strengthens the love I have for the season.

So while the day outside is gray, cold, and rainy, I know it will not last. I know spring is coming and no matter how the winds may blow, I know the flowers, green leaves, baby birds, and sunshine will be there when it subsides. Just like I know when things get hard and life seems to be no good at all, I can remember that a man came to this earth and overcame all that was bad, even death.

And that helps me enjoy spring all the more.

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