Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Monday

Jason and I had planned to spend a week of vacation on Panama City Beach this week, but the flood in Nashville hit his brother’s house and we didn’t feel right going to the beach to relax, knowing what he was dealing with. So Friday morning instead of heading south, we headed north. We had peace about this decision and would make the same one again and again. But it wouldn’t be honest not to admit there existed a sigh or two as we thought of what might have been.

We worked all day Friday, spent the night in Nashville and worked all day Saturday. The entire house was gutted and drying when we left, and Jonathan could start the process of rebuilding. We were dirty and exhausted, but pleased with the work that had been done and happy to have been a part of it.

I had decided that in place of the week long vacation on the beach, I would give myself a day. The day would be all mine to spend exactly how I wished, and I couldn’t wait to get started. Monday was going to be my day.

I was supposed to get up and run with the girls at 5:00, but I accidentally set my alarm an hour later than it should have been set. I was disappointed, but put on the coffee and saw Jason off to work. After tackling a bit of laundry, I went for my run, enjoying the solitude of a run in the rain. I then came home, changed out of my wet clothes and drove to the University Fitness Center to take the Muscleworks class. It is a tough class working many of the muscle groups and it is one of my favorites. When this was over I drove to Wal-mart which was pleasantly sparse at 1:00 in the afternoon.

After Wal-mart I rushed home to unload the groceries, give Chance a trip outside, and then I was back in my car heading to Kim’s office for a little massage therapy. As I drove home I noticed it was 3:45 and I thought where did my day go? I still had laundry and dishes I wanted to tackle before Jason got home, and by this point I was in much need of a shower.

I took that shower and was able to do a few things before Jason came home. I made pico for the first time to go with our turkey tacos. It was nice to sit on the couch next to Jason, eat our fabulous tacos and watch House. But I was sad that the day that belonged only to me was over. I could do with a few more of those.

I had intended to fit in some writing time on my Monday. I wanted to write about the Go! St. Louis marathon and possibly the River to River Relay also. I suppose I will have to fit those stories in as gaps in my time allow. Or maybe I should have taken Tuesday hostage as well.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Jason's brothers house. That is absolutely terrible. I know he must be glad to have had you both to come help. Glad you're blogging again...I'm hoping reading about all these races will one day help motivate me to get my rear is gear. I'm just waiting for that "AHA!" moment when it finally clicks that I desperately need to stop killing myself by not going to the gym. Until them, I'll continue to drown myself in oreos. (sigh)