Saturday, July 10, 2010

Big Talk

After all of my big (somewhat whiny) talk yesterday about goals and plans and milestones and ideals...I picked up my book and read, quite literally, all day long.  I read in bed, I read in the study, I read outside on the back porch during a rain storm.  I read while Jason watched TV and I kept reading until midnight.  I have not done that in a very long time.  The pajamas-all-day thing or the reading-all-day thing (although in the past, the two have always gone hand in hand).

I did not go anywhere.  I did not run.  I did not ride my bike.  I did not go for a swim at the gym.   Jason came and went, and every time he returned he found me somewhere, nose in book. 

So what am I reading that is so amazing?  I am reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson."  At first it was a little slow and thick with heavy details, and I could not figure out why I was reading about certain characters or how they fit into the story.  I pressed on, however, until I was hopelessly sucked in and there was no getting out.  Until midnight when I made myself put it down.

I knew I had to get some sleep in order to be able to run with my friend, Shannon, this morning at 6:30.  Before I got into bed, I set the coffee pot to start brewing at 5:15.  Somehow, I knew I was going to need it.  Before walking into the kitchen, I stood in the bedroom in a moment of indecision.  A few more minutes of sleep or coffee before the run?  Coffee won.  I knew if I crawled back in, I would be more tired and sluggish than I currently was.

I haven't been lost in a book like that in a long time.  Before picking up "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," I was reading "Born to Run."  This one was of course, amazing, informative, funny and inspiring.  But once I had purchased "The Girl" I put it down with only a chapter or two to go.  I do not yet know who wins the race with Caballo's team of ultra runners and the Tarahumara.  I will return to it as soon as I finish "The Girl."  I will probably need something lighter to bring me back to my own, familiar world.


  1. i can't believe this book is good enough to not read the end of 'born to run....'

    do you have a tattoo?

  2. I know, I know. It was bad. The "Born to Run" just kept going on and on and on and I just wanted to know who won the race! So I left, but I'm coming back.

    Nope. None. I do have a little dirt in my knee from a fall in China, though. So that is sort of like a tattoo...