Wednesday, August 4, 2010


As I've mentioned in my previous posts, Jason and I have been on an event streak the last few weeks.  His streak began with the McMinnville Triathlon, May 29.  I was a spectator and it was at this event that I decided I had to try this cycling/triathlon thing.  On our way home we stopped at Madison Cycles and my own streaking adventure began (not the naked kind, but the racing kind).

I am chronicling it here because I am about to break my own streak.  Instead of doing another metric century with Jason, I am going to head to the lake to hang with "the clubhouse," a group of dear camp/college friends.  I don't get to see them very often and our busy lives make it hard to find a day for ourselves, so when we do I have the seize the opportunity.

So without further ado, I will record my streak here as I prepare to bid it a fond farewell.

Saturday, June 5 - The Cahaba River Ramble in Vance, AL
This was an insane 10 mile trail run with two river crossings during which I sprained my ankle.  This occurred around mile 3, but I was able to push through and enjoy the rest of the race.

Saturday June, 12 - The JRAG Buster Britton Triathlon in Birmingham, AL
My first try at a tri two weeks after purchasing my bike. I had an absolute blast, and this event began my love affair with the sprint triathlon.

Saturday, June 19 - The RC Cola Moonpie 10 Mile in Bellbuckle, TN
By far, the hottest race of the year.  Every year I sign up to run this race because it is tradition, and every year I ask myself if we need to find a new tradition.  Still, there are moonpies and RC Colas to be had afterward and somehow that makes it worth it.

Saturday June, 26 - The Heel and Crank Duathlon in Huntsville, AL
A short and sweet 2.5 mile run, 10 mile bike ride and 2.5 mile run in Research Park.  Once again, I had a blast and happily found a little extra push I thought I had lost.

Saturday, July 3 - The Firecracker 5k in Huntsville, AL
This was a great little race where I achieved a 5 second PR of 22:40 for my 5k time. 

Sunday, July 11 - The Hospitality Highway Century in Roswell, GA
My very first bike ride over 21 miles, I count it a huge success!  I had a good time and surprised myself by surviving my 65 mile ride through the gorgeous countryside of Georgia.

Saturday, July 17 - The Twilight 5k in Huntsville, AL
Having nothing to do with Edward and Bella, this race took place in the evening.  Jason and I rode 20 miles on the arsenal before running this one so no PR for me (23:08).  I had a wonderful time, though, running with so many local running pals and getting myself invited on a trail run the next morning. 

Sunday, July 25 - The Music City Triathlon in Nashville, TN
My second sprint triathlon, I found the river swim to be more difficult with a current, but once out of the water I had a great time pushing myself a little harder than I had before, taking two minutes off my previous time.

Saturday, July 31 - The W.C. Handy 3 State Bike Ride in Florence, AL
I opted for the 40 mile ride, discovering some beautiful countryside in my home state along the way.

That brings us to this coming Saturday, which would have been another metric century, and with a buddy this time, no less!  It is for good reason, however, that I break my streak and I have peace about that decision.  I will pick it up the following weekend, however, with another BRAND NEW event.  More on that to come.  Jason, however, will continue his streak which will eventually lead him to a brand new event of his own.

This summer has been full of new experiences for both of us and we have enjoyed these new adventures to the fullest. My favorite part is often the drive home as we munch our traditional post-event chick-o-sticks and tell each other our race stories from the day's event.  The summer is not over yet and we have many more new adventures planned leading us on into the fall.  It has been a wonderful racing streak, and I look forward to continuing on after this short break.


  1. so it may be none of my business... but who is this "clubhouse" group from camp and college?

    and i'm anxious to hear of your new event...

  2. Ha ha, you know the clubhouse. Emily, Kyla, Rachel, Randi, me, etc. :)

    The new event is big (for me). I will write about it soon. :)

  3. well, mrs. reneau, would you please tell the clubhouse that i said hello? that's a fun group of gals.

  4. Yep, I will tell them. They are pretty great. :)