Friday, September 10, 2010

I Think My Sister Hates Me

My sister is one of the most thoughtful, loving, care-taking, creative people I know.  She is 6 years older than me and has always looked out for me, taken care of me, helped me, cheered for me, and comforted me when I needed it.  From the time she gave the neighborhood kids what for when they were mean to me, to the time she actually rocked me when I was sick (and the same size as she was), to the time she made my lunches when I'd come home from school, to the time she let me cry on her shoulder when I did not make the high school soccer team and the guy I liked did not like me back.  We've laughed so hard we couldn't breathe and we've cried together at the end of "Homeward Bound" no matter how many times we've seen it.  We've shown up in the same outfit, and no, we did not call each other first (although we've done that too).

Not only is my sis tons of fun and the best big sis a girl could want, she is the best gift giver around.  Not only at Christmas and on birthdays, but for Valentine's Day, Halloween, and maybe even St. Patrick's Day, I am usually guaranteed some sort of treat or trinket.  Or it may be a regular Tuesday in September when she digs something out of her purse that she saw and knew I just had to have.  She's this way with others too, not just me.  From the hilarious (Aragorn action figure), to the meaningful (family cookbook with recipes from the Reneaus and McGuires, complete with childhood photos), to the practical (large Pampered Chef measuring cup), to the downright thoughtful (jar of puppy treats for Chance), she quite literally thinks of everything and with perfect timing.

So, when my amazing sis said she had an office warming present for me, I KNEW it was going to be something good.  When she prefaced it with, "you might hate me" and got a mischievous, slightly guilty look on her face, I still thought it was going to be something awesome. 

And then she pulled out the biggest jar of M&Ms I have ever seen.  She held it out to me and proudly stated, "This is FOUR large bags of M&Ms!"  I looked at her, my mouth hanging open, my eyes wide and all I could say was, "JULIE!"

She said it was for my desk and that I could share it with others.  She even put a cute little metal scoop in it, so people would not have to reach in with their hands to get some.  She demonstrated that one scoop was the perfect amount of M&Ms for something sweet in the afternoon, and she reminded me that just the other day I had complained about there being no plain M&Ms in the snack machine upstairs.  

And that is when I sister does not really love me like she has claimed all these years. Because she HAS to know that the person who will eat the majority of the four bags of M&Ms in this jar will be ME!


1.  My sister and I still (and will always) have a wonderful relationship despite the fact that I have eaten almost 4 bags of M&Ms in the last week.
2.  I have tried to push these M&Ms off on every person who comes into my office.
3.  I have still eaten most of the M&Ms in the jar and must now run tomorrow's 50k twice. 


  1. Haha! That is so funny! You know, M&Ms are great food for ultras. They have them at all the aid stations at Mountain Mist! Your sister seems really sweet to think of you--and I eat candy all the time! We runners can afford to, a little at least!

  2. Haha!! Too funny! Better be careful what you wish for, huh?? :) Best wishes tomorrow!


  3. What a sweet note. I am touched. We do have great memories. You are, also, hilarious! I don't hate you at all. :-) I love you to the moon and back with 4 bags of M&M's.