Friday, October 8, 2010

Dorky Jeans and Taper Troubles

I'm feeling a little bit like a grouch this morning.  I think the root of the problem is that I am tired and sleepy, which only makes worse the tiny aggravations that show up from time to time.  And while my logical, intellectual side says, "Jane, you are one blessed chick with nothing in the world to complain about." My emotional, feeling side says, "But things are not going exactly how I want them to." (Picture hands on hips, stomping one foot).

So, although I know this stuff is meaningless, silly, and a waste of energy, I am going to share (vent) my annoyances here.

I have no good jeans to wear.  And you are really going to roll your eyes when I tell you that the reason I have no good jeans to wear is because I've shrunk. That means all of my jeans sag annoyingly, except for my dorky high-waisted pair, which...I am in fact wearing at this moment.  With a sweater set.  Just call me Mom.

I don't want to buy a new pair of jeans because they are expensive and I won't always be training for a 50 miler so the 4 pounds that left will probably be back.  And that is really okay.  While I do get a kick out of seeing the skinnier me in the mirror, the 4 pounds weren't necessary.  Just fun.  Except when I put on jeans.   And then it just looks dorky.

My second problem is this - and I will warn you now that it is totally in conflict with the first - I'm worried that I will gain back those 4 pounds during taper time.  While losing a little weight was not necessary to look okay, I believe it has helped me run a little faster.  So, I don't want it back until after the 50 Miler...and the Marshall University Marathon.  Then, if they must, the 4 pounds can return.

And so the logical thing to do here is NOT to taper as much until about 2 days before the race.  That would be fine with me except that my knee and hip got mad again when I did some faster, shorter runs and so I need to rest them...but I don't want to. Not yet, anyway.

SO, in jeans are dorky because I am thinner, but I'm worried I'll gain the weight back while I rest for my big race, and I would not rest as much except that my knee is mad again, so I might gain back the weight I lost...which at the very least would mean my jeans would fit again.

I guess there is a positive side to everything.


  1. HA! It always comes down to the jeans! This is a hilarious post. Tapering has made me bloated and is giving me phantom pains (WEIRD). And I, too, don't want to gain a few pounds before the marathon. And because I love food, I can't not eat. So...I'm with you on working out more. That's completely logical to my taper-induced irrational mind at the moment!

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking the whole "taper time" may get reduced to two pre-race days. Otherwise, I think I might go insane!

  3. Go buy the jeans because although you won't always be training like you are now, you know you will again...might as well mark that irritation off your list. Of course, when those FOUR pounds come back, then you can be irritated that your new jeans don't fit! SNORT. Too funny.