Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hairy Subjects

SO, I got my hair cut last night after work and I LOVE IT!  My hair dresser, Jim, did exactly what I wanted with only the words "fun, short, and sassy" to work with. 

I need to tell you about Jim.

Before going to Jim, I trusted my hair to a guy named Jeff Johnson at Terrame for several years, but because he is such a talented and popular guy, it is VERY hard to get an appointment.  The final straw was when I called 3 months in advance and it was not enough time.  I knew it was time to find someone new, but the thought was terrifying.  I have had a LOT of bad haircuts in my day because so many hair stylists aren't quite sure what to do with curly hair (and many of them don't listen). So from the "tent look" to the "mullet" to the "boy bob" I've had many an interesting hairdo from which to recover. 

That all changed with Jeff, however, and so leaving him was hard.  Still, I began asking around and discovered that two of my mom's friends in Fayetteville came to Huntsville to get their hair done.  They both have really cute dos so I asked them where they went and they said Jim at Neo Mode.  So I called Neo Mode and made myself an appointment with Jim. 

When the day of my appointment arrived, I got directions to Neo Mode, made my way there and told the receptionist I was there to see Jim.  In a few minutes a man I assumed was a patron came out and asked if I was Jane.  I said I was and he said he was Jim.  I gasped inwardly.

Now, I am going to confess that I have a stereotype when it comes to male hair stylists.  It is nothing negative, but they are usually prettier, more stylish men than your run-of-the-mill Joe.  They have the gelled hair, the button-up shirts in wild patterns (or all black), the pointy shoes, the hip jeans - the works.  This is my stereotypical vision of what they should look like. 

Jim looked like a 'Nam vet with really great hair.  He was tanned (from golf, I later learned) like a fisherman, had tattoos on his hands and arms, a regular polo shirt covering a slight beer belly, regular jeans and tennis shoes.  It was too late to run out the door, so I shook his hand, swallowed and told myself my hair would grow back. 

Well, Jim turned out to be just perfect.  I learned that he liked to golf, had Great Danes (which formed an instant bond right there), and was redoing his kitchen for his wife.  Not only was he friendly and easy to talk to, I absolutely loved my hair when I left.  I went to him a second time and then, last night, a third.  I knew when I told him I wanted something different, something short and cute, that he would be able to deliver.

Jason was a little unsure about it when I got home, but I think it will grow on him.  It is very different from what he is used to (I have bangs!) and so it may take him a little time.  He did say it was cute, so that is a good starting point.

Now, the dilemma is how to wear my hair when running!  There is no hint of a possibility of a pony tail.  Maybe tiny piggy tails, but I'm not sure that would work either.  It is definitely rockin' when I put my headlamp on (I tried it out last night in the backyard - not as bright as I would like, but I guess it will do), so I am going to be one attractive trail runner come Saturday. At least it will be dark. 

Until then, however, I will enjoy it just as it is (sans headlamp and/or visor).


  1. Love the hair! When do we get a post on how the race went?

  2. I LOVE it! As a fellow curly-haired gal, I totally identify with bad haircut trauma. I've been getting my hair trimmed at Ulta lately, but you've made me think about making an appointment with Jim, too. So cute!