Thursday, November 18, 2010

Earning Your Turkey

As Thanksgiving approaches, I will admit it, I think a good deal about what I'm going to eat.  And I think about it with excitement.  I am a big fan of eating, and the traditional Thanksgiving meal is one of my all-time favorites.  I absolutely LOVE fresh turkey and my dad's dressing with some tangy cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole with a delicious slice of pecan pie to finish it off.  And the left overs!  Oh, the blessed leftovers.  I love them. 

This is going to sound like I'm one of "those" people when I say this, but one thing that makes eating fun is feeling like I've earned it. By earn, I mean I have already or am about to burn off a large portion of the calories I wish to consume.  An example: I love Olive Garden, but I only go after running a marathon.  Why?  Because I don't want just the salad and bread sticks.  No, I want the deliciousness I can't even pronounce that I saw on the latest Olive Garden commercial.  But I won't really enjoy it if I don't think I've earned it.  And for the calorific (I don't even want to know) goodness that is eating at Olive Garden, only a marathon will do.

So, when Thanksgiving approaches, I begin to think of ways to earn it.  A local Turkey Trot is one way.  A walk with Chance and any available family between feedings.  A long run before or a few days after.  High mileage and light eating the week before.  Lots of shopping the next day.  Any of these options will do.

I found a great article in Runner's world that discusses this.  It is called "The Runner's Holiday Weight-Loss Plan" and I think it has some great tips for watching the waistline during the holiday season.  I don't think I'm alone when I say that I want to enjoy all the goodies the holiday season brings, but I don't want there to be any proof afterward.  Vain?  Nah.  As a runner, it isn't all about looks ( is some).  It is about staying light on my feet, staying healthy and strong, and yes, even looking good in my jeans. 

So give the article a read and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal.  And if none of that appeals, you could always try this:

Old Navy Gobblepalooza | Three Days of Dazzling Deals |


  1. Yum, all that talk about turkey makes me hungry! I will miss the Turket Trot this year. It is usually my favorite 5K of the whole year! I love the holiday atmosphere. I know you will be a great hostess for your family for the meal!

  2. maybe thanksgiving will help those too-baggy jeans not be so baggy. ;) you have DEFINITELY earned it!! eat up, girl!!

  3. i remember back when i could eat as much as i wanted from thanksgiving to new year's -- and not gain an ounce.

    these days, though, i have to diet three different times -- once after thanksgiving, once after christmas, and once after january 1st -- just to end within 10 pounds of my starting weight. and i have to log about double my usual miles if i want to come out even.

  4. Oh don't you worry, Em, I've just about got those jeans fitting again. :) I've worked out all kinds of ways to earn it this year.

    A 10 miler on Tuesday, loads of housework and running around on Wed, probably multiple walks with my mom and dogs on Thanksgiving Day, lots of walking and carrying heavy shopping bags on Friday. And then a long run with Mom and friends on Saturday. I'M READY! BRING ON THE PECAN PIE! ;)