Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just Looking

My favorite place to shop for clothes is Ann Taylor Loft.  Sometimes I just like to walk into the store and take it all in, imagine what might look good on me, glance at the prices and walk back out.  Sometimes I need a minute to look around and decide which section of the store I want to visit first (which is usually the section for the shorter people).  I'm usually asked right away if I need any help and I usually respond and say, "No thanks, I'm just looking."

Barnes & Noble is another favorite spot, and I enjoy walking in with no ideas and reading all the inside covers of the books with interesting titles or cover art.  I'm rarely asked if I need help in Barnes & Noble but that is okay because I enjoy the activity of just looking (possibly accompanied by a warm beverage).

Sometimes I like to shop online...for races.  If I'm looking for a marathon, I usually go straight to and shop for the date and place I want to run.  If I'm looking for something else, such as an ultra, I usually put in my search criteria on google and shop that way.

So, just for grins I did a little shopping the other day.  Just to see.  Just to allow the possibilities to roam around in my head for a little while.  The what ifs.  The oh-wouldn't-that-be-funs.  The I-might-like-to-do-that-one-days.

And yes, I did tell those closest to me that they could haul off and slug me if I so much as uttered the words "50 mile" and "trail run" together in a sentence.

But I'm only saying 50 mile.  I'm not saying trail run.  And I just wanted to see.  Here is what I found.

1. Destin 50 Beach Ultra - February 19, 2011 in Destin, FL.  The entire course is along the beach.  And it is a mixture of hard-packed sand and loose sand (I already asked the race director).

2.  The Long Haul 50 Mile Ultra - January 22, 2011 in Wesley Chapel, FL.  It is a road race.  Too soon to be feasible, but good to know it is out there.  

3. Iron Horse Endurance Run 50 Mile - February 19, 2011 in Florahome, FL.  Okay, these are trails (don't hit me), but they are unimproved rail trail, described as "flat with grassy and gravel surfaces. No hills."  I could do that.

For informational purposes, I now know these races exist should I be interested and available, and should my husband be game for more of this nonsense.  I just wanted to see.  And I think the Destin 50 could be really cool.  I'm just sayin'.  But it is probably too soon, and I think we want to head down to Florida sometime next year for something else. But no harm done, right?  I'm just looking.

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  1. This has really got me thinking about what races to put on my calendar. Up until now I've just been randomly picking, or picking by location (NOLA RNR half in February). But, in the not too distant future I'm going to be picking out a first marathon. I think I want to make a careful choice and not let this be something random or come down to logistics. Thanks Jane.