Friday, December 10, 2010

A Very Merry (I hope) Weekend

I'm sitting at work, on the cusp of a busy, fun, exciting (possibly somewhat tiring, but we won't focus on that part until the end) weekend!  How am I supposed to focus and actually work with so much about to take place? 

Here's the rundown. 

Today I will work (erg), then at lunch I'm off to Fleet Feet to hopefully switch out a bad pair of shoes I just bought.  I think there is a wrinkle in the tongue and it is leaving an awful bruise on my foot.  I have bought a zillion pairs of Asics Gel Cumulus and this had never been a problem, so I'm hoping to swap it out for a better pair to wear tomorrow.

I'm leaving work early for a much overdo massage, light and easy before tomorrow's race (which is sort of a relief as I thought she was trying to kill me last time), and then I'm off to the race expo to get my packet and my pace team shirt.

Tomorrow it is MARATHON TIME and I cannot WAIT!  Did I mention I am excited about this?  I need to be at the race by 7:30 so I can be in place by 7:45 to allow 4:30 runners to find me.  I cannot wait to meet them all! I am excited and a wee bit nervous.  I want to be a good pacer, encourage my runners, and see my mom reach her goal.  So far the weather looks good.  We were concerned about rain, but that should not be an issue until the evening.

After the marathon it will be home, possibly to Cracker Barrel with Jason, and that night we have our Mayfair Homebuilder's Christmas party (that is the name of my Sunday morning class at church).  We were told the theme this year is "A Country Christmas" and we are to dress in country attire.  I personally would like to procure a denim jumper and button up shirt with a large, lacy collar (possibly with embroidery on any part of that), but I have no idea if time (or energy) will allow me to find such an outfit.  Or maybe Jason and I should dress in camouflage.  I mean people out in the country hunt all day and then come in for dinner, right? 

Sunday will dawn bright and early, and we will be off to worship and then that afternoon we will go to the Vaughn Braun Center to watch my sweet niece, Caroline (aka "bug") in her performance of the Nutcracker.  She will be a mouse and an angel and I've already gotten the scoop on how I will know which mouse she is.  And yes, I am the cheesy aunt who will get teary-eyed and sit on the edge of her seat when she comes out to dance.

Then, possibly the best part, I will be hanging with my niece and nephew while their parents go to their church Christmas party (they are The Seekers class).  My secret hope is that I will get to play with legos and watch the latest Barbie movie while sipping some of Julie's hot cranberry tea.

Does it get any better?  And now do you understand why working is so troublesome?  Ah well.  I am off to look at class numbers.


  1. I'm having a hard time focusing on work today too!! And I couldn't convince *her* to go so light and easy on me this week, since I still had a few days before the race!! Have fun this afternoon, and I'll be looking for you in the morning, and wishing your mom an awesome race!!! I'm excited and ready to run! :-)


  2. Ha ha ha, well the last time I told her I wasn't racing...I thought she was going to remove my legs! :) Maybe since it is tomorrow, she will be nice to me. ha ha.

    See you in the morning!!! I will be sending you FAST thoughts, my friend!