Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beautiful Beasts and Mileage

The other day I was driving to work listening to the radio, and I heard about a contest they were holding.  If participants would send in a photograph of themselves and a pet, they had the opportunity to win free tickets to see "Beauty and the Beast" at the Von Braun Center and dinner for two at a place called Brix Wine and Tapas. I had no idea "Beauty and the Beast" was coming to Huntsville and I knew I wanted to see it.  It is my most favorite Disney Movie of all time...he gives her a library for Heaven's sake! I had no issue with purchasing the tickets myself, but if I could get them for free that would be even better. 

So, I went home and uploaded a picture of me and my "beast" to the radio station's website.  I then sent the link to all of my friends and family and asked them to vote for my picture. The three top photos with the most votes would win tickets. 

I found out on Monday that the Chancellor and I took third place.  I was so pumped!  This will be a FREE date night with my one true love (who may not be as excited as I am, but he is still sweetly willing to take me) to a new restaurant and the theater.  I feel so cultured.  Not to mention blessed by a bunch of fun friends in my life who humor my occasional nuttiness. 

Then, the next morning it will be time to hit the mileage.  The big 2-0.  I don't know why, but running that distance alone just seems...intimidating.  I realize I am training to run even more than that, but there is just something about stepping out your front door to run not 5, not even 10, but 20 miles!  I may have a friend to join me for the first 12 and that will help me break it up nicely, but she has made me promise to run on if I need to hold a faster pace.  I think it is this pace I want to hold that influences my feelings of intimidation.  I would like to hold it under 9 minute pace.  I do not think I have EVER completed a long training run at this pace.  It would not only help me to be physically ready for a PR marathon, but it would help me mentally believe I can do it. 

So I've got a fun and full weekend ahead.  As for the beast who helped me win the contest, he will be content to nap on his warm bed for most of it. 


  1. Have fun and I can't wait to hear about it! Looking good for Saturday and not too early is a good possibility :) I'll know for sure tomorrow!

  2. So happy you get to see "Beauty and the Beast" and excited to read about your 20-miler! You can do it!!

  3. I hope your 20 miler went great! I look forward to reading about it!

  4. The good thing about getting behind in reading my favorite blogs is that I get to find out what happens next much faster than if I had read the posts in real time!!! :D SO glad you got to see the play. I don't know yet that you DID do the 20 miler holding a 9:00 pace, but I certainly KNOW you CAN! :D