Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When It Pays To Run

So I talked my friend Julia into a snowy run with me today.  Actually, she needed no persuasion as she was already planning on going and had also run in the snow the day before.  We ran to the local grocery store which was about a mile for each of us, and met there before continuing on together.  As I predicted, it was a lot more fun running with a friend through the snowy and slushy streets and sidewalks, chatting all the while, than going alone. 

As we started out, I remembered that I had forgotten that I had wanted to bring money along with me so that we could get a coffee at the new little cafe near the grocery store.  I'd been wanting to try it out and for one reason or another I'd never made it there.  A little warm coffee before completing a snowy run with a friend sounded just perfect, but I'd been distracted with the wrapping of my feet in plastic bags and not wanting to be late to meet Julia. 

The two of us had a great run and even though we had to run slower due to the snow, the time seemed to fly by. We ran through slush and snow, the plastic bags keeping our feet mostly dry for most of the run.  Several times I could not really tell if I was still on the sidewalk or not because the snow was still so thick in places.  We turned around after 4 miles out and made our way back the same way we had come.

When we reached the grocery store once again, we cut across the parking lot since it was mostly free of snow.  As I looked down, I spotted a wet $5 bill on the ground.  I picked it up, shook it off, and as soon as I thought it, Julia said, "Coffee!"  I laughed and said, "Thanks, Lord!" as we cut back across the parking lot to the little cafe.  How perfect!

We enjoyed a delicious cup of fresh coffee as we sat on the leather couch next to a window in the cafe.  I will definitely be going back.  We talked as we sipped, and while I thought the coffee would warm me, it was not enough to combat the effect of wet feet and legs on a winter day.  I was almost shivering by the time we left, and it seemed a strong wind had decided to show up for the trek home.

Julia and I parted ways as she headed back to her house and I to mine.  I had been considering a few more miles in my neighborhood, but the strong, cold wind along with my wet feet talked me out of it.  I got in a total of 8 snowy, slushy miles and that was enough for the day.  And what a great day it had been!

If we get another snow day tomorrow (which would make three wonderful days in a row), I'm planning to head out again, and I know some girls who will be game to join me.  This time I will remember to put some money in my pocket should the local grocery store parking lot and the good Lord not be providing a second cup of free coffee.


  1. only slightly related, but a tanzanian friend of mine the other day asked me if i could help him. "with what?" i asked.

    he had bought a pair of used jeans at the clothing market (nearly all of them come from the states) and there was a $10 in the pocket. he wanted me to buy it from him.

  2. of course. but only after i complained for a while about him wanting me to take a $10 bill that's not good for anything in tanzania. he said, "but you can spend it in america."

    my reply: "yeah, next year."

    but i bought it from him. then i tried to get him to start a business with me. where he and i go to the used clothing market and buy jeans for $2.25 so we can find money in the pockets. as long as we find one $10 in every four pairs, we come out on top...

    he didn't want to start that business.

  3. I bet if you ask him again he will change his mind. It makes perfect sense.

  4. Okay....so I need some help here....how exactly do you wrap your feet up?? This is the very reason I have been home bound all week long-I do NOT want to have cold AND wet feet! One or the other is fine, but not both. :D

  5. Well, what I did was put on my socks, then wrap them up in a plastic shopping bag. I cut off some of it and stuffed the rest up in my tights. Then I put my shoes over them. That keeps them MOSTLY dry, although it depends on how much slush you are running through. I was wet toward the end, but not too cold and then I hit the hot shower. :)

    You can tie the rest of the bag around your leg or stuff all of it up in your tights or put a rubber band - there are several ways to deal with it. Give it a try!