Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Change Those Voices

This morning as I drove to work a song by Pink came on the radio and it is one I like.  The clean radio version of the song is called "Less Than Perfect" and there was some controversy over the video.  I watched it to see what the fuss was all about, and I decided I liked it.  Her video portrays explicitly how some people deal with feeling inadequate (which may be an inadequate way of describing how they feel), and I thought it was...brave to make a video like that.  And honest.

My favorite lyrics go like this:

You're so mean when you talk about yourself
You are wrong
Change those voices in your head
Make them like you instead

I love that part.  I think it applies to everyone.  Not just those who have suffered in ways we can't imagine, but also the regular average guy who hasn't suffered at all. The guy who has a good job, a wife and 2.5 kids.  I think we all have those voices that tell us untrue things about how we can't do this or that, how we are not good enough to get this or that, that others probably don't like us because of this or that, and that we are simply no good.  To anyone.  Period.

As Pink sings in her song, these voices are wrong.  As a Christian, I believe I am an amazing creature, fearfully and wonderfully made, and in God's image too!  Sure, I forget this every single day, but that does not make it any less true.  I think I (along with everyone else) am so used to hearing these voices, that I don't even realize when they fill my mind with doubts about my value.  I get so used to hearing them, I forget to disagree. 

It is when I begin to question these voices in return that things happen.  I am brave enough to try something new.  I believe I will succeed.  I'm not overly upset when I don't, because I know I can try again.  And if I can't do it...that is really okay too (although I don't think that will be the outcome).  It does not affect my value at all. 

When I think about this, I often think about running.  And it seems the more I change those voices, the more I am willing to try to achieve.  But this applies to way more important things than just running.  I believe the entire course of one's life can change if they change the voices they are listening to.  And despite what you may think - you DO have the power to change those voices. There is an amazing God to help you, and probably some friends and family as well. 

So what are you waiting for? 


  1. Grr. I've tried to leave this comment a few times, but it keeps losing it - so if you get it like three times...I'm sorry.

    I love this post. I've been struggling with lack of motivation a lot lately. I even have a print up in my bedroom that says "What are you waiting for?" I think it's a tactic of Satan to make us doubt ourselves and make us think that we can't accomplish wonderful things.

    I love the Pink song, and I also love a song by Gary Go called "Wonderful." Some of the lyrics are "we are miracles wrapped up in chemicals...say 'I am wonderful.'"

    And we are.

  2. Those are some beautiful words...just pretend like I didnt rant about myself the other day.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Again...another great post. I think about this all the time. It's ironic for me to think I started running faster and stronger about the same time I gave myself permission to not be perfect...when I stopped beating myself up for every "failed" attempt to do better...when I started focusing on every thing I did that was RIGHT. When I stopped believing the nag in my head that said, "I can't" was my own voice, and recognizing it for the voice of Satan, I was able to focus instead on the truths God wants me to hear--what He says is true about me.

  4. I like this song a bunch too, but I didn't really get the video. As someone who has had some pretty bad body issues, I really want my little girl to grow up feeling like she's enough just the way she is (Isn't the song written to Pink's child-to-be or something like that?). It's got a good message, and you are right that it can be applied to many situations.