Monday, March 14, 2011

Training Sabotage

This Saturday was a gorgeous day.  Warm sunshine, bright blue skies, light cool breezes.  It was perfect for a long run and I could not wait to get out in it for my 18 miler.  I just knew, on a day like that, it would be a good one.

The thing I misjudged was that it was warmer.  Much warmer than my previous training runs.  I had planned to use my sister's house as an aid stop, but she and her family had gone to Mom and Dad's, so that option was out.  Instead of coming up with a plan B, however, I just left it at that and began my run without a water bottle and without a plan of when I would refuel.

The sun was warm on my skin and I felt really good.  I wasn't overly concerned with my pace, keeping it around 8:40.  It was warmer and I'd had a big mileage week, so my goal was to simply get the mileage in at a relatively decent pace.

Around mile 10 my pace began to slow.  I figured this was because I was so thirsty so I began to head home.  I knew I would reach my house around mile 12 and planned to drink a little Gatorade before doing my last 6 miles.

When I stopped, however, it really hit me.  I was tired and thirsty and hot, and my muscles felt as if they'd run a lot more than 12 miles.  Still, I headed back out to finish the run.  After slogging through 3 miles, I knew it was not doing me any good, and I called it at mile 15.  My pace was dropping significantly and my legs felt so heavy, as if they were running through mud.  I was mad at myself when I realized this was all my doing.  I should have started earlier.  I should have taken aid.  I should have carried my water bottle.  The list goes on.  At the end of the day, I knew it could have and should have been avoided. 

I felt pretty worn out the rest of the day.  I was covered in salt when I got home, more so than usual. I  replenished with water and Gatorade, took a shower, ate some cereal and rested on the couch for a bit.  I was a little disappointed that I did not get in my 18, but not overly concerned about it.  The total mileage for the week was 62 and I had started it with a half-marathon.  I wondered if I'd been fooling myself to think I could start the week with a half marathon and finish it with an 18 miler.

Either way, what's done is done.  I sabotaged my own training run, but I still have time to get in a few more before the next marathon. This coming Saturday I'm running a 10 mile race with a 5 miler before and after with a friend.  With the bonus of a buddy along with me and being smarter about my fuel, I think my next attempt will be a success.


  1. Hey! Sorry your run did not go as planned, but you still got in some good miles! I know what you mean about the warmer temps. When I did 16 a couple weeks ago it was only 60-65, but I was sooo thirsty and has salt all over my face, too.
    Hope you have a good week and I am looking forward to Saturday!

  2. Oh no, but that is okay. I think the weather and the high mileage week plus the lack of food and water were just too much. You can make up for it this weekend!