Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Thursday Things

The First Thing
I get to go straight home from work today.  STRAIGHT HOME.  This is kind of exciting.  Monday night I attended Bodypump at the gym after work. Tuesday night I attended Turbokick at the gym after work.  Wednesday night I had class and taught my first 5-minute group fitness segment.  But tonight...I will get off work and go straight home.

This is usually my schedule each week.  Sometimes I go to the gym on Thursday evenings too, and that may still occur from time to time.  But not tonight!  I ran 10 miles with Kristi this morning and that is enough for today. 

It is a good thing Jason is a sweet and understanding fellow athlete who likes to cook.   For the last two months (and possibly longer) he has done most (let's say 95%) of the cooking.  And laundry.  And dishes.  Without complaint.  While running, cycling and going to work every day.

But my night.  I already have salsa chicken cooking in the crock pot.  Look out Suzy Homemaker!  Jane is stepping up! (But just for tonight.  Let's not get carried away.) 

The Second Thing
I think I have a psychological issue with bananas.  I believe that I should eat one every day in order to be healthy, strong and to run well. I believe this so strongly that it REALLY bothers me when I don't have one to eat.  I actually spend time worrying about it.  I realized this just a few minutes ago when I thought of all the weeks not to eat a banana every day, why did I run out the week before a half-marathon?  I even figured I probably would not run very well due to this fact.  I tried to make myself feel better by reminding myself that I packed an orange in my lunch.  But then I firmly informed myself that an orange was not as good as a banana.  I think it has something to do with believing I should always have banana nutrients in my bloodstream.

Should I get counseling or buy stock in Chiquita?  Even more strange is the fact that I don't even like them that much.  They are tolerable, and I can usually get one down while working or doing something to distract myself from the fact that I am eating a banana.  But it takes some doing. 

None of it makes sense.  But there it is.  Those are my two things on this lovely Thursday morning.

And here is a cool little banana recipe and some banana facts that make me seem a little less insane.


  1. So funny...and so true when it comes to bananas. I only eat them (nay, choke them down) because they help with my running. I understand :)

  2. It is nutty, isn't it! I went to the store last night and bought a whole bushel (do we call it a bushel?). So hopefully I'll get all those necessary banana nutrients in my bloodstream and be ready to run Sunday. Ha!

  3. I may be the only runner that hates bananas! I never eat them! I hope you get your fill of yours before Sunday though. Sending lots of luck your way!