Monday, March 28, 2011

A Weekend Wash

My three-day weekend was a wash, and when I say wash, I literally mean it rained for most of it. 

Friday went mostly as planned...sort of.  I awoke at 5:00 and looked at my clock, which also tells me the temp outside.  It said 50.  I thought that was just about perfect.  I put on my calf-length tights and a long sleeved running shirt, put my hair up and drove to Julie's.  When I got out at Julie's however, the weather felt significantly colder than 50 degrees.  Julie looked at me funny when I walked in.  I said, "It is a cold 50 outside."  She responded, "It isn't 50, it's 37," and showed me the weather on her iphone.  Oops.  She gave me a jacket and we stood there whining about the cold until she said, "We could just have coffee and then drive to meet our people."  Deal.

So we drove to our meeting spot and only the other coaches were there.  We talked to them for a few minutes and then hopped back into our car and went to Kroger for a few groceries before driving back to her house.  We did not run a step and in 37 degrees we were okay with that.

I came home to see Jason off to work and did some chores around the house before heading to Fayetteville. I hung out with Mom and Dad for a bit before Mom and I ran 6 miles.  Dad had his physical therapy appointment and then a doctor's appointment, so we dropped him off at the first and went to look for a giant pot for my pine.  After that I drove home, stopping at Lowe's on the way for potting soil.

Saturday was a total wash - literally.  I awoke to storms, which was extremely pleasant so I lounged in bed until 8:30 (which, for me, is extreme sleeping in).  Jason made pancakes and I made coffee and the lounging continued...and continued...and continued.  But in my defense, so did the rain outside.  It was fun despite not getting to run, and I knew I would probably benefit from the rest.

Sunday I made plans with Shannon and Kristi to run 10 miles after church.  This plan came to fruition and I had a wonderful, albeit chilly run with them.  We ran 10 at 9:15 pace, climbing some pretty mean hills in Shannon's neighborhood toward the end.  I felt good, except for a few aches and pains from a body that did not move much the previous day.

I stopped by the grocery store on my way home and stocked up for the week.  Then came home and ate some cheerios with some banana added in before spending some much needed time on the foam roller.  I couldn't bear it very long so I soon gave up and hopped into a blissfully hot shower. 

So the entire weekend consisted of only 16 miles and zero yard work.  It did contain a lot of relaxing, resting and rejuvenating though, so I'm not really complaining.  Just explaining what really happened.


  1. Hey! I loved your post! And can you believe it rained again all night? I am ready for sunshine again.

    Thanks for a great run. Glad my watch malfunctioned,ha! I didn't think I had that in me after how my legs felt the day before. It didn't feel hard (well, until that last hill)! I am so glad it worked out for us to do that!

    The countdown in on!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

  2. a few comments:

    1) your alarm clock tells you the temperature OUTSIDE?

    2) i've honestly forgotten what it feels like to be cold. like colder than 55-60 cold. or taking a cold shower cold. i mean i remember having been cold; but the feeling of it is gone.

    3) you said "the whole weekend consisted of ONLY 16 miles." the majority of people have no place to put that sentence that it makes sense to them.

  3. Shannon - I KNOW! Counting down, girl. I guess Jason and I should sign up. :)


    1) My alarm clock has this little part it communicates with that sits outside on our back porch, which is on the other side of my window. I think it needs a new battery, though.

    2) I'd like to forget about being cold for a while. I've turned into a wimp after the brief warm-up we had.

    3) I know, I know....but I was planning for the weekend to be around 30 miles or so, that is a little less than I had hoped. :) But I am grateful for that 16 all the same.

  4. Can I just say that I loved this weekend because all I did was hang out inside and read (and ok, maybe eat chocolatey and cheesy stuff - not together)? I was all about the rain and the mellow gloomy atmosphere.

    Today, however - I'm ready for some sunshine again.

    And I bet you're itching for it too, so you can get your run on.