Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday's Treat

Today's treat is cottage cheese and fruit.  To me, this is a cool and refreshing snack perfect for those hot summery days (like today). I also like it in the hour after I run.  A dietitian and friend recently spoke to our No Boundaries group about running nutrition and she said that runners have about an hour after their workout to refuel muscles and give back what they used up.  This helps with recovery, tiredness later and muscle health.

I personally like Breakstones Low Fat Cottage Cheese, although it does contain Modified Food Starch. I was a little unsure if that was good or bad, and while this article is not totally conclusive, it tells you what it is.  I may seek out a different brand in the future if I learn it is unhealthy.  As far as the fruit goes, you can't really go wrong there!  I prefer peaches, mandarin oranges or pineapple in mine, but your personal favorite would probably work just fine.  You can cut these up fresh or buy them already cut or canned or jarred.  As I've cautioned before, however, read the label.  I prefer fruit in water or 100% fruit juice.  I tend to stay away from the heavy or even light syrups.

A small cup of cottage cheese is about 90 calories and has 11 grams of protein.  The fruit serving and type would be up to you.  Either way, it is a great snack for warmer days and for refueling after a workout.  Enjoy!


  1. Jane, I really enjoyed hearing you speak to our NoBo group yesterday. I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I am recovering from surgery, but I can't wait to get to the point I can run again! I absolutely LOVE your Mom :)

  2. Hi Dianne! I wish you the very best in getting back into running. I'm going to agree with you about Mom! She's just the friend to help you do that!

  3. Yum, cottage cheese is something that I already eat. I think some people don't like its texture, but it has never bothered me!