Monday, May 30, 2011

A Bad Omen?

Is it a bad omen for the Cotton Row 10k if my dog eats my race t-shirt the night before? 

This is what we came home to last night after our small group.  I noticed something white in Chance's kennel and pulled it out, only to realize it was my brand new Cotton Row t-shirt. I came into the kitchen and held it up.  I said something about not getting a t-shirt for both events and when Jason looked over, we both died laughing. 

He hasn't destroyed anything like this that I can remember in a long time.  So we are not sure why he decided to give it a go on this occasion.  But it gave us a laugh and then I made Chance wear it. 

Happy Memorial Day, my friends, and good luck to all the runners participating in a Cotton Row event today!  It is 71 degrees in Huntsville, Alabama as the masses (they've estimated 5000 runners) prepare to RUN!

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