Friday, June 3, 2011

Tour de Cave and Training

This time last year Jason headed to Kentucky for the Tour de Cave Metric Century bike ride and I headed with Mom to the middle of nowhere to do the Cahaba River Ramble 10 Mile Trail (and river) Run.  Both of us had a great time on our little adventures, especially Jason who enjoyed his first foray into cycling events of this sort. 

This year we will both be heading to Kentucky for the Tour de Cave.  Jason will be doing the full metric century (70 miles) and I will be attempting the 45 mile distance.  I'm pretty sure I can make it, but it has been a while (year-ish) since I have attempted this kind of distance on my bike.  I've been riding about 10 miles twice a week and I have really enjoyed it.  If such a thing is possible, I feel more settled into it this second time around and I am enjoying it more than I did when I first started riding last year.  So we shall see what is in store for me tomorrow.

It would be really nice to have a buddy, but even without one the scenery is usually beautiful on these country rides providing plenty to see and admire.  The solitude is peaceful and I usually take advantage of that time alone to think and pray while I'm riding.  So despite my novice-hood, I'm looking forward to it. 

Jason has recently begun training for his second Ironman coming up in September, and so this 70 mile ride will be just what he needs to get him ready for the long Ironman distances.  As usual, he will run beforehand.  While I understand what kind of training is required to prepare for an Ironman, I still find myself amazed and impressed by what Jason does each day, and I'm often encouraged to push myself a little more in my own endeavors. 

Speaking of which, now that Cotton Row is over, I'm allowing myself to focus on fitness for a while instead of any sort of particular training.  I may consider another ultra in the fall, but for now I think I'd like to repeat last summer and participate in a few triathlons, attend century rides with Jason, and steer myself toward yoga and bootcamp as a means of strengthening the muscles that rarely get any attention.  The bootcamp class I am taking at the YMCA with my sister starts next week. I am excited and a little nervous.  I've been impatient to get started ever since I signed up and I am ready to see some positive changes in my upper body and core muscles.  But it is going to be hard, no doubt about that!

But for now, the Tour de Cave in the gorgeous Kentucky countryside.  And, if you visit the website linked above, you may notice that the handsome rider featured on the homepage is non other than my very own husband, Jason Reneau. 

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