Thursday, July 7, 2011

The First Tri of the Season

In two days and three sleeps, I will be waking up early to swim, bike and run.  The Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon will be my first of the season, and I am pretty excited. Unlike last summer when I started all of this, I am beginning with the intermediate distance instead of the sprint.  I hope that turns out to be a good choice.  I'm feeling excited and a tad nervous with a hint of bring-it-on.  

Last year, my first (and only so far) intermediate triathlon was in Fall Creek Falls.  It was a pretty great experience, except for the bike section.  I got a little frustrated toward the end by how easily other cyclists flew by and I felt like I was out there all day peddling furiously, getting nowhere fast.  Of course, last year my goal was the 50 mile trail run I was training for in October.  This year my goal is better performance in the triathlon with a focus on the intermediate distance.

That being the case, I've kept up my running, but I've also focused more on the swimming and cycling, and I've gotten considerably more time in with both.  I hope that pays off.  I don't think I've put in enough time and effort to be competitive, but I'm going after that Jane chick to see if I can take her down...or at least get off the bike sooner than I did last year.

Should things remain as they are now, I'm planning a few more of these with my goal race being the Rocket Man triathlon right here in my home town.  Should nothing change after that, I may set my sights on a half Ironman... but that is a pretty big maybe.  Red Sass and I would have quite a bit of work to do for me to be ready for that.

Still, its fun to think about.

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