Thursday, July 21, 2011

Picking a Shirt

Jason's second Ironman is coming up and he is in the thick of his training.  It is insane.  And he's got about six weeks left.  That means I must get crackin' on my preparations as well.  One of which is picking out my shirt. 

Last year, as I supported Jason's first Ironman, I saw all kinds of cute, creative apparel worn by the other wives and moms and families out supporting their Ironpeeps.  I was sporting a comfy and cool running outfit so that I would be quick on my feet, and I did get the Ironman logo painted on my arm at the face painting booth...but this year, I vowed to be more prepared.  No longer will I be the rookie supporter, no sir.  This year I will show up looking like a pro!

So I gotta pick my shirt.  And shopping for it has been fun and hilarious.  Here is what I found:

Till I get my husband back...I like it.

Or, he goes the distance...cheesy or cute?
Appropriate! sidetracked...

This one is in the running...I like it too.

This may be my # 1 choice.  It says it all.

Sidetracked again.  But so TRUE!

Jason said I wouldn't have the nerve...but it makes me grin.

For true.
Aaaaand sidetracked again.  I guess it would depend on who the other aunts were...
One day...

I think I may go with the "I Heart My Triathlete" one.  But I like the 140.6 ones as well.  So tough!  What do you think?  

All shirts were located at by searching for "triathlon shirt."


  1. I loved all of them, but I think my fav is the I love my triathlete. Second is 140.6 til I get my husband back. I am so excited for Jason! When and where is his ironman?

  2. ditto what shannon said. and my favorite part about this post is when you said, "this one is in the running". baaahahahhha. did you mean to be so punny!??!?! :) love you.

  3. Ha ha ha - I was not intending to be punny at all. Yep, I think it will be I Heart My Triathlete. OR I could buy 3 - one for each event! It would add mystery to Jason's race. "What will Jane's shirt say next?" Oh the possibilities...

  4. I loved the trispectator sit, wait, cheer!! SO TRUE. I wonder if my husband will last just during Rocket Man much less a half iron...and there's NO HOPE WHATSOEVER for him to be watching me do a full IM....of course I'll be taking close to the full 17 hours to finish most likely so it's understandable!! Which IM is Jason doing?

  5. Okay, I liked the one that said "Oh, you ran a marathon. That's cute" because it made me laugh at myself! We all want to think, "Look at what I did!" Until we see that others have done MUCH more! And it reminded me of the time I saw a "140.6" bumper sticker on the back of someone's car and my sister thought it was for a radio station! She had NO IDEA that someone could travel that far in a race. Think about it, it's incredible! And your role is important too. You do a great job supporting Jason and understanding all that is involved with training.