Thursday, July 14, 2011

Speed work, Gears, and Atlanta

After the triathlon on Sunday, my week has been a little off kilter.  Still, I've been able to try some of the things Jason and I discussed and so far, so good!

Speed Work

When approaching speed work, I have to start with something I can wrap my mind around.  And I have to start small, slowly working my way to the bigger workouts.  Yesterday morning I ran 2 miles to the track to do a workout with Katie.  She was doing 5x800s, but I wasn't sure I was ready to jump right into that.  I chose 4x400s, and then added a 5th one once the 4th was complete.  "Just one more" always seems easier when I add it at the last minute.  I guess it is a mental thing. 

We have devised a hill workout for next Wednesday, although I may try to throw in another short track workout Thursday or Friday.  I'm just tagging along with Katie as she trains for a 3:15 marathon using a plan from Hal Higdon.  After the Music City Triathlon on July 24, I will increase these speed workouts, fitting in one a week.


There isn't a whole lot to say here, except that I conquered my fear of the gear.  I rode 15 miles yesterday, trying out different combinations of both gears for different terrain.  For hills, I have to return to the middle gear (in front), but when going downhill or on a flatter road, I can use the top front gear and it makes a HUGE difference on my speed.  It is a more difficult gear so my legs will need some time to get used to it, but I saw what Jason had explained to me, and I am no longer nervous about using it.


Tomorrow morning I will run and hopefully fit in some time on the bike before I head to Atlanta for the weekend.  There won't be much time for training Saturday and Sunday, but I will be learning quite a lot!   I am attending the USATF Level 1 Coaching class.  After I complete the class and pass a certification exam, I will be certified to work with junior high and high school kids in track and cross country.  I am pretty pumped about this.  I'm excited about the class and what I will learn, and I'm also excited about the possibility of coaching.

I'd like to start on a volunteer basis, get my feet wet and get some experience.  Before I can progress to Level 2 (or even take the level 2 course), I must have 3 years of coaching experience.  And the thought of working with kids and coaching track... oh man.  I can't even describe to you how much I would love that.

Monday, I will resume my weekly training schedule.  Since bootcamp is over, I may replace it with a 5:30a.m. Power Yoga class or weights at the gym.  Even though my weekly mileage count goes down if I don't run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I think the break from it is good.  Especially with the knee knob.  Since I'm not training for the longer distances right now, I am okay with the smaller mileage numbers (mostly).

Current Training

Here is what the training plan is supposed to look like right now.

Monday - Run, Swim
Tuesday - Yoga or Weights, Bike
Wednesday - Speed work, Swim
Thursday - Yoga or Weights, Bike
Friday - Run, Swim
Saturday - Run long, Bike or Swim, or possible race day
Sunday - Bike (leisurely), Weights, or possible race day

Saturday and Sunday are flexible since they could be race days, although if there are no races I would like a longer run (10+ miles) and a longer bike (20+ miles).  Tuesdays and Thursdays I may also include a lunchtime treadmill run.  Those are usually only 3-4 miles at a quick clip since I only have an hour to run, shower and get back to work.  But it breaks up my day nicely and keeps me from getting the boredom munchies. 

As for the knee knob, I've been doing my foam roller exercises every night and it is working!  I still have soreness and tenderness, but the pain is not nearly as intense as it was and it does not last as long.  I think I still have a long way to go with that, but it is extremely comforting to see results.

On with the training!

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