Monday, November 14, 2011

Ultra Training Week 11 and the Huntsville Half Marathon

This was a pretty good running week topped off with one of my favorite races in Huntsville, the Huntsville half-marathon.  It was a great race, perfect weather, and it seemed like everyone was out there volunteering or running.  But more on that later.  Here are the weekly totals:

Sunday, Nov 6 - ran 10 strong afternoon miles with Katie who was pushing Clara in the jogging stroller.  We tackled one of the toughest hills in Madison (dubbed, "the dragon") and averaged an 8:55 pace.  The flatter miles were around 8:20-8:30 pace and I felt so good and strong.  Katie texted me when she was on her run with Clara asking if I'd like to join them.  I told her my plan and she joined me!  We had the best time, and Clara was a trooper!  It was also the most gorgeous fall day imaginable. 

Monday, Nov 7 - ran 6.7 morning miles solo, 8:57 pace.  My legs were VERY tired after the 10 mile hilly course the day before and I unwisely tackled another hill... making me super sore after that.

Tuesday, Nov 8 - ran 3 afternoon miles, 8:40 pace.  Legs were still pretty sore, but I wanted to get out and work on my running form a bit.

Wednesday, Nov 9 - Ran 6 morning miles with the girls at 10:10 pace, and this run felt tough too.  I began to get a little worried about how I'd feel in the upcoming half-marathon.

Thursday, Nov 10 - Ran 7 morning miles solo, 8:36 pace.  Felt pretty good on this one.  It was lovely brisk,  chilly morning.

Friday, Nov 11 - Ran and walked 2 miles with my sis. 

Saturday, Nov 12 - Ran the Huntsville Half-marathon in 1:48:26, 8:13 pace.  I had a great time running with Kristi, catching up with her, and seeing so many friends and family members along the way.  The last 3 miles felt tough, but I hung on to Kristi to get that 1:48.  After I finished, I grabbed some water and headed backward along the course to get Julie.  I probably should have taken off my race number, because to the runners still giving all they had to finish, I probably looked like a show-off.  I cheered them all on, and some commented on the fact that I had not gotten enough and must be training for a marathon. Some asked if I was going back to get someone, and to all I responded that I was going back for my sister.  I ran two miles to get to her and then ran with her to the finish.

These miles gave me a weekly training total of 47.8 miles.  While that is a good training week, it is starting to concern me that none of my weekly totals are measuring up to what I've done in past ultra training or what I'd planned to do for the ultra that will be here in LESS THAN A MONTH!

I've been cautious.  I've been trying to train smart.  When my legs complained I listened.  When they felt good I ran hard.  And even though I am happy with those workouts, I have started feeling slightly panicked over not having run the high mileage I think may be necessary for a strong 50 mile ultra.  I have the rest of November (16 days) to train and actually improve.  After that it will be time to rest and begin to taper.

So I plan to train hard for the next 16 days.  I am going to be less cautious and my muscles are going to have to catch up and hang with me.  I do not want an injury so I will continue to listen to my body, but it is time (maybe past time) for my training to peak.  I have a 20 miler planned, two 5ks (for a little speed work) and I'd like to tackle the dragon a few more times as well before the end of this month.

So until December... on with the training!

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