Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Great 2nd Trimester Run

I've mentioned before how I've had to change the way I think these days when it comes to running.  Now that I'm pregnant the things I used to do have to be modified as I figure out how to approach one of my favorite activities with a new little addition on board.

Yesterday afternoon I experienced one of these changes.  I got home from work after a quick stop by the grocery store and I had a beautiful afternoon just waiting for me to get out and run in it.  I also needed to feed my sister's pets while she and her family were out of town.  My sister lives exactly 3 miles from me and I have run to her house and back countless times.  I've taken the long way, making the 6 mile route 7 and adding in a killer hill.  I've run to her house, run with her, and then raced myself home to see if I could beat my time from the first 3 miles. 

But as I changed clothes yesterday afternoon, I actually questioned whether or not I should run to her house to feed the pets.  It would be 6 miles and I only run that on weekends, with plenty of time and pit stop options.  It was also 6:00pm and I wasn't sure how long it would take me if I got tired and needed to walk.  I hated to run my usual neighborhood route and then get in the car and drive over there though.  That just seemed like a waste of gas when I knew my legs could carry me there.  So I decided to try it.

Jason was already out running so I left him a note to come and get me if I was not back when he got home.  And then I set out.  I walked the first 3 minutes to warm up and then started a slow jog.  Eventually I picked up the pace just a little and everything felt great.  Let me just say right here that I am LOVING this second trimester.  Everything they say in the books I've read about how great I might feel is TRUE and I'm thrilled.

Just to be on the safe side, I took the shortcut, which would give me 2.7 instead of 3 miles.  I was glad too because that was the longest I'd gone without a pit stop in some time and I had to GO by the time I got there!  After taking care of all the pets (a dog, a cat, a guinea pig and a fish), I set out again.  I walked a minute to warm back up and then resumed my jog.  Annoyingly enough, by the time I got off my sister's road I had to go again!  I couldn't believe it!  There was a park about a mile away at that point so I made a beeline for it, hoping the bathrooms were open.

They were.  Whew!  That was my last pit stop before finishing up the run.  As I crossed the last red light before our neighborhood I saw Jason drive by.  I waved at him and he turned around and picked me up at mile 5.5 just as I entered our neighborhood.  He pulled up next to me and said, "Hop in, you've done enough."  I grinned.  He is very cautious and protective of me and this little one, and he tries to keep an eye on me to make sure I don't do too much.  My doctor said he was good for checks and balances to keep me from overdoing it during this 2nd trimester of feeling great. 

I was really happy to have done 5.5 miles and I had to go AGAIN, so I hopped in the car and thanked him for picking me up.  He asked me if I felt okay and I assured him that I did and that I had taken it very slow and easy.  It was so exciting to feel that good. I didn't want to overdo, but at the same time if I could run 5-6 miles, I wanted to!  Every time I have a good run these days I feel like it is a major triumph.  I feel like I am pushing back the days when I can't run (if and when they come) and that gives me hope. 

I was pretty tired this morning, however, and despite my most motivating conversations with myself I did not make it out for a run.  Since I also did weights and pilates yesterday, I decided today could be a rest day and tomorrow I would resume all my workouts.  Despite being a little tired, I feel really good and I was encouraged to read this blog post by NYC Running Mama.  She is pregnant as well, but also has the experience of having run through a pregnancy already.  Check out her post if you want to be INSPIRED!

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  1. What a nice run! Glad you felt great the entire time!