Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Joys of Maternity Clothes

So yesterday I went shopping with my mom for maternity clothes.  My sister was going to go, but her husband had the flu and we decided I didn't need to be exposed.  After a 6 mile run and a delicious lunch at Jason's Deli, Mom and I headed to the old mall here, which is sort of scary but they've tried to fix it up and I guess it still has some decent stores (I don't really know because we only visited two.  I do know they don't have a coffee shop and that is really unfortunate for a mall).  A friend of mine who is also pregnant said JCPenney had cute maternity clothes and Motherhood was also in this mall.  We parked at JCPenney, asked about the maternity section and made our way there.

The rule I heard when shopping for maternity clothes is that you should buy the size you were before you got pregnant.  However, in JCPenney, my size looked huge.  And maybe they were meant for someone my size in their 8th month.  Either way, Mom and I laughed really hard in the dressing room.  This could be partly to the way I stand when clothes don't fit me right.  I usually change my posture in such a way to bring out the absolute worst that is already apparent in whatever I have tried on.  Sometimes a dance accompanies this attractive posture.  So I slumped and walked really slowly to the mirror. Mom said I looked cute, but she loves me so her vision could be questionable.  My sister called during this episode and Mom told her she should be there to see this.  I said it was all her fault.  She had two cute, sweet kids, made it look fun and doable so I gave it a go and now look!  I have to wear tents!  Julie said it was Jason's fault and we all agreed with that too. 

We left JCPenney with nothing.  On to Motherhood. 

Motherhood was a little better.  They had petites (I am 5'2 or 5'3 depending on who measures), and their clothes were not quite so tent-like.  However, I am pregnant so I am going to look pregnant and these clothes REALLY brought it out.  Really.  And I don't think I realized how pregnant I looked until I got in these dressing rooms and started trying on clothes.  The day before I had been wondering if my baby was big enough for 18 weeks and in that moment I knew I did not have to worry about that!  Seeing myself in these maternity clothes was a bit of a shock. 

I tried on several dresses.  They only caused more laughter (and sighing).  I wanted an Easter dress, but there just wasn't one I could bear.  I joked that I was going to have to quit my job on Monday and just stay in the house, in my pjs, until the baby arrived.  I joked that maybe I could wear my running clothes to work.  They have elastic waistbands and in them I just look like a runner with a donut problem, especially since sports bras mask other areas of growth.

Mom was very sweet and patient as my laughter died down to a kind of pitiful look and a loud sigh every time I tried on something new.  We did find several things that worked and a shirt that looked exactly like one I'd purchased from Ann Taylor Loft a year ago.  I would cling to anything at that point. 

I have no idea if all women feel this way as they begin to need new clothes, or if I am a horribly vain and ungrateful person.  I DO want to be pregnant right now and I would not trade it for the most amazing figure or the fastest marathon in the world.  But wow.  Just wow.  That is all I can say when I look in the mirror at the changes.  It is fun is something else too.  Mom reminded me it was just for a season.  Surely I can handle this for a season.  And look what I get at the end!  It has been important to me to handle pregnancy with grace and peace and excitement.  I think I have the excitement part down...and maybe even the peace.  But I am sadly lacking in grace when it comes to accepting all the woes along with all the joys.  And really, if you were to compare my pregnancy with so many others, I have very few real woes!

So Mom and I made our purchases, left the mall, and stopped by Starbucks on the way home.  I got a decaf iced mocha, and it was the most delicious thing in the world.  Shopping for maternity clothes is hard work!  Hard on the feet and hard on the mind!  It was so nice to have Mom there to help and laugh and soothe as needed.  It was a wonderful day all around and when I got home and told Jason the joys of maternity clothes, he was equally as sweet about it all. 

So in the end I suppose they are worth it.  Tents, panels and all.


  1. i share the maternity clothes woes, sister! my woe is that the majority of the tops are apparently made for mammas who want to show it all and go clubbin'. if i ever DID want to flaunt my stuff (which i DON'T), this is not the time i'd want to flaunt it!!!!

    my maternity clothes woe this time around is that most of my clothes for the warmer months are not fitting, since my girls were born in the fall/winter. in these last 2 months, the last thing i want to do is go buy more maternity clothes, but i seriously have only a handful of things that fit... and i don't want to do my laundry every 2 days. :)

    BUT your mom is right-- it is only for a season! i bet you will find some cute stuff... it's gotta be out there. i think i still have a few shirts that were julie's that you gave men when i was pregnant with ethan... they are definitely not fitting me now. i can dig those out of my closet and send them your way if you want. :)

  2. I totally agree with your woe! I told Ma that it seems that pregnant women want to look sexy...but that is the very last thing I feel right now! ha! I did find some cute things and I really don't need much. I am A-OK wearing the same thing every week, especially if it is comfortable.

    That is so funny that you still have some of Julie's tops! I totally forgot about those! And I didn't even think about how if you aren't pregnant around the same time that the same maternity clothes might not fit... oh me! :)

    Hang in there, my friend! I'm pretty sure you are cute as pie!

  3. Oh Janie I wish I could have seen your maternity clothes dance in the dressing room! Hilarious!
    I can't wait to see you. It has been a few weeks, so I promise I will try not to stare at your belly. I may not be able to help it, though ;) I am sure you are adorable!
    My thoughts on dresses: go for a dark colored wrap dress. Very flattering and comfy. I wore the one I had probably every Sunday, ha! Wish I still had it and I would give it to you!

  4. Shannon, you are so sweet! I don't mind one bit if you stare at my belly! You are family, so stare away! It is definitely out there, loud and proud! :)

    I tried on some darker dresses, even though I thought black was not very Eastery...I just couldn't do it! They are so clingy and I don't think I show that much of myself when I'm NOT pregnant. So keep your eye out for a cute dress and holler if you find one like the one you liked so much. I think patterns work well to hide my new extras. :)

    I miss you TOO and hope to see you SOON!

  5. Loved this post! Your description made me feel like I was right there in the dressing room with you and your mom. I can imagine the way you posed as I do the same thing when no one is looking :) Now the dance ... I would want to see that one in person! I've heard nothing but excitement, grace and peace from you in all your pregnancy posts including this one. Back in my day, we wore the "tents" proudly! I'm amazed at what some gals wear nowadays, but I'm sure you are as cute as a bug in anything!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my latest post! I treasure every comment. Love ya!

  6. Jane, You brought back a lot of memories from when I was looking for maternity clothes! I also borrowed a lot of cute things from friends. All of my dresses came from friends! I would love to share my things with you. I have a huge tub of clothes from when I was pregnant. Not sure if it will be "in style" anymore though! Oh--one thing I did and loved (still do it to this day!): I started wearing a camisole under everything. It kept me from showing too much of the top (which was bigger than normal), and it kept my belly button from showing so much when it popped out. I got maternity ones from Motherhood (I think).

  7. Katie, I'd LOVE to see your tub of clothes! I've heard so many people say they borrow from friends, but I wasn't sure who still had their clothes and who didn't. That would be GREAT!