Wednesday, March 21, 2012


That is all I have to say about baby stuff.  Strollers and car seats and carriers, oh my!  There are 4,000 brands and each brand has 100 different types of the same item.  And then there are safety regulations and recalls and staying up to date before purchasing any of this stuff. 

So I looked at it all and asked my sister and a few friends what they used and if they liked what they used, and then I looked at bouncy seats and then I closed my internet browser and made an iced mocha run.

Did I say whoa?  Jason will be roped in to this shopping/registering spree.  I think he thinks it is all about me picking my favorite color but, I'm going to need some help if I'm to research all 100 types of each of the 4,000 brands.  Whoa.  And that doesn't even take into account bottles and thermometers and towels and bpa free and organic cotton and baby lotion.  I haven't even gotten passed baby transportation!

I think the best course of action is to first, think of this another day (something I like to call the Scarlett O'Hara Approach), and go out on my lunch break for an iced mocha and a new (larger) running tank top. I thought that since so many of my tops were loose before I got pregnant they'd still fit.  WRONG.  There's a little girl in the way now. 

So I'm thinking I'll go with tank top shopping and iced mocha sipping for now.  I'll worry about baby stuff tomorrow (or the next day or sometime in May). 


  1. I bet a shower will take care of most of what you are looking for, but yes. decisions are hard to make. The most useful thing I ended up with (besides the car seat) was a used Chariot stroller/trailer. A treadmill would have also been a good thing though- but I had never thought of it back then.

  2. Oh gosh it is soo overwhelming! But try to do it as soon as possible. I waited till January to do most of my shopping and my due date was March 5th. Anyway, it stressed me out because I was huge and had low energy and then she came early on February 25th and although I had stuff such as the car seat, I didn't have everything nicely put away like I would have wanted.
    Here is the national web site for car seat safety, hope this helps!