Monday, April 16, 2012

How to do a Monday

Mondays have gotten a seriously bad rap for being the day that throws us with a jolt back into a 5 day work week after a (usually) lovely weekend.  And my weekend was, in fact, extremely lovely.  I had an awesome run Saturday, ran some errands and hung out with my fella.  Sunday I went for another short run before planting some marigolds in my front flower beds for just the right splash of yellow to compliment my red knock-out roses and purple verbena.  Jason made homemade wholewheat banana muffins, baked a turkey for us the enjoy this week, and then made wholewheat peanut butter chocolate chip cookies...which were AMAZING. 

There was also some relaxing in there as well, laying around watching TV and feeling a little girl move around like a gymnast inside my belly.  So you can see why I might have wanted this weekend to linger on and on and on.  Monday would be coming whether I was ready or not...but wait... there was hope as I remembered what this particular Monday would hold.

A doctor's appointment!

Now, I am usually one to avoid any kind of doctor's appointment like the plague.  I detest wasting time in a waiting room.  I hate being poked and prodded and checked and pinched and measured.  I don't like dentists and I skip whenever I can (conveniently "forgetting" to reschedule).  But now... now that I am pregnant, doctor's appointments have a whole new meaning.  Sure, I have to wait and then I'm weighed and measured, but THEN I get to hear this lovely sound called a heartbeat, and this little heartbeat belongs to a little girl who is currently residing in my belly.  That right there is just way too cool for school or any other description I can think of.

So this morning I had a 9:30 doctor's appointment (the lovely kind).  That meant more morning time than when I have to go straight into work by 8:15.  I lounged in bed a while before getting up to do my weights and pilates.  I then enjoyed a tall glass of ice water with 2 of Jason's fabulous homemade banana muffins.  I took a leisurely shower, made a delicious lunch with Jason's amazing turkey on a sandwich, pineapple, peaches, yogurt and a few potato chips.  I enjoyed the Today Show for a bit and then off I went to my doctor's appointment where I heard the heartbeat of a wiggly little girl who did not want to hold still.  I got a clean bill of health and then treated myself to an iced cafe mocha before finally heading in to work. 

NICE!  Now THAT is how you do a Monday!  If only next Monday's work day could start at 11:00 with something fun and an iced mocha beforehand....


  1. A wonderful Monday, indeed!!!

  2. Awesome! I'm so happy for you and your impending arrival (dum, dum, DUUUUUM!)!

  3. Thank you, Amanda! I am pretty happy about it too. :)