Monday, May 14, 2012

Bits and Pieces

First of all, happy Mother's Day to all of you awesome running moms out there (and all the non-running moms as well).  Y'all are awesome.  Especially those of you whose blogs I "follow."  You ladies ROCK!

Jason asked if I wanted to do anything special for Mom's Day and I said not really.  I mean I haven't really done anything yet but grow a little one.  And I know pregnant women probably think that is a whole heap of a lot, and it is.  But I'm thinking the real work will come when she gets here.  Am I right?  Then I'd like an Edible Arrangment.  I have ALWAYS wanted one of those!  And I want a big one, not one of the little ones in the mug and I want some of it dipped in chocolate.  That's all.

So I've had a little beach vacation since I accompanied Jason to Florida for a work trip.  We stayed on the beach and it has been great...except that most of it is done alone on my part since Jason is working...which is also fine until day 3 and then it is a tad boring.  I mean the beach and the pool are both lovely but not as lovely alone as with a buddy.

And tourists...oh my.  I despise them.  I despise their kids and I despise them.  They are LOUD and act as if they are the only people here.  I grew up very close to where we are now and so I don't count myself as the traditional tourist (although I suppose I am since it has been around 14 years since I've lived here).  There are a lot of really sunburned people around here, I've just got to say.  Wow.  I won't go into other descriptions but I've seen (and heard) enough to last a lifetime.  Give me the beach in the winter (when it is just us and the snowbirds) or my quiet little house any day!

There's also someone fixing something upstairs and it involves a hammer and I can't for the life of me figure out what he or she is hammering and why it has gone on for so long.  I just hope it doesn't last to bed time... I won't be so understanding then.

Still, I've had some great days.  I usually run early in the morning and then have breakfast before visiting the pool or beach.  One day when I was kind of sore I chose a walk on the beach and it was glorious!  The breeze, the crystal clear ocean water hitting my feet and splashing my legs, and then I saw a momma and baby dolphin and yes...I stood there and had a moment.  I have no idea what I did to deserve a lovely beach vacation, but it has been great.

However, after a few days I begin to itch to get home and get to work.  There is very little to do in a condo, although I am all about some relaxing.  I brought 2 books and I've watched some TV and I've lazed about in the sun getting a wicked tan (but not a sunburn). 

My shoulders did get a little sunburned on Saturday when I watched Jason participate in the Gulf Coast Triathlon.  He is amazing.  Can I just say my husband is amazing?!   I love watching these events.  This one was a half-Ironman which is a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride, and a half-marathon (13.1 miles) run.  I'm going to write up a full spectator report and I've talked Jason into writing a report as well.  I think it would be cool for my readers to hear from the guy I talk about all the time.  But I'd like to say he totally rocked it and in some new and crazy conditions.  A rough ocean swim (red flags), headwinds and rain on the ride, but then he got those running shoes on and that boy had the second fastest run split of the entire event.  He was 5th in his age group and finished his 70.3 in 4:56.  More to come on that and with pictures.

And finally, my What to Expect iPhone app says I'm in my third trimester...but I thought that started at 28 weeks...which I will be in 2 days.  On that day I will write a "bump report" for both my readers and for myself.  The THIRD TRIMESTER!  Seems like the home stretch.  The last 6 miles of a marathon.  What does it hold?  I have yet to see, but the closer I get to birth day, the more excited I get about meeting the little wiggle worm in my tummy.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too! Glad you got a little beach time in despite the obnoxious tourists!!
    Hmm, I could go for an edible arrangement right about now, too ... and I'm not even pregnant!

  2. Glad you are having fun and I wish I could be your beach buddy! I have been checking for a race report, so I am excited to read that I will get a spectator AND the racer's report! Awesome!

  3. I miss the Florida beaches. That is definitely the best part of living in FL! When I was pregnant with my first, I used to dig a big hole in the sand and lie down on my belly. It was glorious because I'm a stomach sleeper, and taking a nap on the beach, in the sun and on my belly was amazingly perfect.

    Also, thanks for solving the 70.3 mystery for me. I was never sure what that sticker meant on people's cars! Can't wait to read the reports!