Monday, July 9, 2012

Coffee and Furniture Fiascos

Before I was pregnant I had a love affair each and every morning with my cup of coffee.  I would make it in our big red coffee pot, fix it just right in my green travel mug, and actually WAIT until I got to work to really savor it.  That would usually mean a re-heat at some point, but I loved starting my workday checking e-mails and figuring out what tasks were next all while sipping my all time favorite beverage.

Something happened when I got pregnant though.  I immediately switched to decaf but I would take my big green travel mug to work and hardly touch it.  Eventually I figured this out and quit taking it all together (which clued in my co-workers to the state of things very early on).  It was sad to let it go but having coffee in the morning did not appeal at all.

Occasionally I'd get a mocha and eventually I discovered that I DID, in fact, still love coffee but only in the iced coffee form.  If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I had one almost every day while I was still working. 

Now that I'm at home I sometimes make myself a cup in the mornings.  We have a Tassimo coffee machine that Jason got for his birthday and it makes one cup at a time.  I fill it with cream, but I still hardly touch it.  I'm not sure why I bother except that I WANT to want it.  After these hot morning walks with my sister, though, what I usually want is a cup of iced green tea or some cold watermelon, both of which are probably better for me than my cream-filled few sips of coffee.  I'm not sure why I'm fighting this, but some mornings I make that cup of coffee and it sits next to me and I take maybe 5-10 sips.

I made a cup this morning because I hardly slept last night and I want to have a productive day.  I think I got to sip number 4 before making myself glass of iced green tea. 

So now that I'm set with my beverage of choice, on with the furniture fiascos.  Let me just preface this by saying it is a good thing I'm not high strung or easily stressed out, because from what I know of most expectant moms, this would not fly AT ALL!  

Last week I was supposed to receive my beautiful, white, fancy, girly furniture from a little baby boutique here in town.  When we ordered it in April, we were given an 8-10 week window and 10 weeks was up last week.  I called and the owner gave me the story of how the manufacturer was making updates to their furniture line and the ship date (not arrival date, mind you) was August 13.  Why I was not informed of this before we got to the 10 week milestone, I'm not sure. 

I was very nice with the lady on the phone as I sat in my soon-to-be nursery and thought, "Oh my..."  I knew Eloise would sleep in our room for her first few months, and her bassinet had been ordered so I knew she would never know the difference, but I really needed a place to put her clothes and things away.  I expressed this to the lady and she said that the ship date for the dresser was July 12 and she would see if her rep at the manufacturer would ship it seperately. 

I waited and waited and waited and called again only to receive the same story.  She'd talk to her rep.  She'd talk to her rep. Finally I was downright annoyed.  This was ridiculous.  Isn't it a right of passage for a new mom to decorate a nursery?  It isn't for the baby so much as for the MOM, and I was ready for this activity!  I was tired of my nursery looking like a baby storage unit and I wanted to see order and cuteness!  Plus, when Eloise arrived, I had a feeling I'd be thinking more about feeding, changing and sleeping than about organizing a nursery that was still in disarray!

I shared my frustrations with Jason one night over dinner, and told him that I no longer felt this fancy furniture was worth the cost (it was pricey!) because of all this hassle.  I told him I'd like to just order regular baby furniture from a reliable place and be done with it.  He said he would help me, so together we went to the little baby boutique and cancelled the order altogether.  I took him with me because people don't argue and try to sweet talk Jason like they do me.  And even if they do, he stands firm.  I, however, am a pushover.  If it sounds good, I usually believe it... at least until I've thought it out. 

So Saturday, we received a refund for our deposit on the fancy, no-show furniture, and promptly drove to Babies R Us where we ordered an entirely different set.  It is called "chestnut" and it is pretty, but just regular.  No fancy, twirly, expensive girly stuff.  We should receive it in two weeks, possibly less. 

I'm at peace with this, first of all for the cost.  For less than the deposit on the fancy furniture, we bought the regular furniture.  We would have owed another installment when the fancy furniture arrived and while I was at first prepared to pay, after all the waiting and run-around, it was no longer worth it to me.  Second of all, now that I'm not working, I like to be a bit more frugal.  Quite a bit more, actually.  My mom and dad have helped with all of their grandchildrens' furniture and so the deposit we received was a gift from them.  That means they quite literally bought ALL of Eloise's furniture when I decided to cancel the order and re-order a more reasonable suit. 

So even though I am still without baby furniture, I am at least saving quite a bit of money and I am still happy with the end product.  Plus, I will receive it in a more timely manner, even though we ordered it so late in the game.  I cannot WAIT to get her room put together.  I know she won't know for quite some time, but I will enjoy it!

On a more exciting note, I DO have in my possession her pack and play/bassinet and it is put together and ready for a wee one to sleep in it! My glider should be here within the week and I know this because I can track it through Babies R Us.  NICE!  No run-around there! 

My small group at church is throwing me my last little baby shower next Sunday and after that I will pick up all the items I still need (which is really fun to think about doing).  Namely things like a few changing table covers, wipes and diapers, and a diaper pail.

And that's that!

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