Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Kinds of Excitement

Now that I'm a mom, I have noticed I get excited about some very new...and strange things.  An example of this is my excitement over my newborn's bodily functions.  That would be burping, peeing, and pooing.  I mean when do you say, "Good burp!" so enthusiastically except to a newborn (okay, being in high school doesn't count)?  I am amazed at the loud noises that come out of my tiny baby girl, and they always make me feel better for her.  They also mean we will probably have less spit up after a meal.  The other day Jason let one out and I looked over and said, "Good burp!"

These days I'm thrilled with dirty diapers, which mean Eloise is getting enough to eat and hopefully not having tummy troubles.  If I don't see one for a while, I grow concerned.  Once when Eloise went over 24 hours without one, I called her doctor.  The nurse (laughingly, I could tell) told me her gut was maturing and absorbing most of the nutrients in breast milk, which is broken down really well already.  Whew! Once I got used to Eloise only having one poo a day, I relaxed a bit... just in time for those poos to become adventures.  Ha!

Two nights ago, or I guess I should say mornings since it was 2:00 a.m., I was up to feed Eloise and she filled her diaper while she was eating.  This happens a lot.  What I didn't realize right away was she had gone up the back of her diaper, through her outfit, through my pajama pants, to my underwear!  We both needed changing and in the process I got it all over the changing table and a burp cloth... at 2:00 in the morning.  Poo.  Everywhere.  It was more funny than anything else and I was relieved that after our little adventure we both went right back to sleep.

The 3:00 a.m. milk coma
Friday morning was another fun adventure in poo-land.  Eloise and I got up for her early morning feeding, and since she went to sleep right after she ate I decided I would have a morning nap too. I laid her in bed next to me and the two of us enjoyed two more hours of luxurious sleep.  I awoke to her chirping and squirming, and then I heard the sounds that meant she was working on something.  I looked over at her and there was poo EVERYWHERE.  All over the front of her, all over the sheet.  I picked her up and took her into the living room where Jason was.  I held her up for him to see and said, "Good morning!"  He said, "OH!" and helped me strip her down and hose her off in the bathroom sink.  We got her all cleaned up and I stripped the bed, spraying Shout stain remover on everything before putting it all in the washer.  The outfit she was wearing has now been through two washes with stain remover both times and... I'm not sure it will ever be the same.  I'm thinking bleach is next.

And after Eloise ate following our nap and the poo adventure, she decided one more poo would be a good idea and by 11:00 a.m. she was on her third outfit of the day.  

I'm sure these crazy experiences in baby poo are nothing new to most moms, but I thought I'd record a few anyway... at least for Eloise's viewing pleasure one day.  This kid is a wiggly bundle and she makes us laugh and smile every day.  At 8 weeks now she is becoming more aware of things and she stares and watches brightly colored toys, our faces, and ceiling fans.  Her smiles are coming more easily and often, and I love it.  I try not to wish for the next exciting stage, knowing all of these little phases will fly by and my tiny baby will be sitting up and talking to me before long, but I enjoy watching her grow and change as well.  Even if it involves poo.  Everywhere.


  1. Oh, the newborn baby poo...oxyclean and hot water in the sink overnight...gets the poo stains out every time :) Ashley E

    1. That is exactly what I needed to know! Thank you, Ashley!