Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's 12-12-12!

So I sat down at the computer for a brief (which has turned into a not-so-brief) coffee and computing time when I happened upon my friend Brett's blog and realized what day it was.  It is 12-12-12!  Brett asked his readers how we celebrated and in the past I would have done something like run 12 miles...but I'm not there yet and I didn't get a jump on the planning (or I may have given it a shot anyway).  SO, I sat here for a moment and then decided I'd celebrate this way:

12 push-ups (the girly kind)
12 crunches
12 bicycle crunches
Repeat once.

Then I added 12 more bicycle crunches because I liked feeling my belly burn.

And let me just say that tiny little 12-12-12 celebration woke me up much better than the cup of coffee I just made to get me through the afternoon.  I rocked Eloise to sleep a little bit ago and just about rocked myself to sleep as well. 

Now, with a cup of coffee and a little celebration of today, I'm ready to focus on the dishes and some laundry. 

Happy 12-12-12, peeps!

P.S. I realize there is an overdo ZipFizz and Running Start, LLC giveaway coming.  I have not forgotten.  I've just gotten distracted by a cute baby and running.  And can you blame me, really? 

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  1. Happy 12.12.12! I like your celebration. I had contemplated the 12 miles... all for about 12 seconds but sanity won out. I didn't even think about doing 12s of other things though... good job you.