Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Over the Hump

I don't know about you, but I have found in my own running and in working with my running clients that everyone sort of has a hump when it comes to training.  That is a distance or a pace that takes a little more time and effort to conquer.  Before I got pregnant, I had paces I was targeting, but none of them took very long to reach if I stayed focused.  It has been quite a while since I have had a distance "hump," but pregnancy changed that.  After having Eloise, running became a whole new thing as I tried to build my endurance back from pregnancy and child birth.  At first it was the 3 mile hump.  Running over 3 miles was tough, but it was early and my body was still recovering.  Sleep was harder to come by in those early weeks, too, and I was adjusting to this brand new thing called "motherhood." 

Eventually the temperatures cooled off, Eloise slept a bit more, and I got into more of a groove.  I became consistent with my running and conquering new distances became easier... that is until I bumped up to 8 miles.  For some reason that distance felt a lot like a long run and I was very tired at the end.  The first time I did it was in mid-November, and it was tough.  I backed down to 6 and 7 milers for a while before trying it again.  About a month later I ran another 8 miler and while I was able to go the distance it still felt like a long run.  So back to more 6 and 7 milers I went, determined that I was going to get over that 8 mile hump.

Well, with the help of a dear running friend and a little patience, I think I got there.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting to run with my friend Katie, a running friend I have not run with since early pregnancy.  It was so nice to run, chat, discuss baby raising with another mom, and have her company for a longer run.  We were a bit pressed for time so I took us on a 6.5 mile route, thinking I'd either get 8 miles in another day or tack on the mileage later.  When we got back to my house she said we could finish the run and I thought she meant we had time to get to mile 7. So we picked up the pace and when we reached mile 7 I stopped.  Katie asked me what I was doing and I said I thought we were done. She said she meant she could finish the 8 miles I needed for the day.  I laughed as I started running again and told her we might have to slow down a bit for me to add another mile.  She said she only had 8 minutes so we couldn't slow down.

This is funny because it is typical Katie and it reminded me of past runs with her when she would very matter-of-factly tell me I had to keep up with her.  I may not always be able to, but I certainly always try.  It felt really good to push a little and I was excited to be able to push at the end of an 8 miler!  I accidentally took us too far out so we ended up with 8.3 miles.  Not only was it my 3rd and best 8 miler since Eloise was born in August, it was my longest run since then as well. 

It felt GREAT and that was a big deal for my "hump" distance.  Was it the good company and distraction?  My excitement over running with a friend for the first time in ages?  Was my body just ready to get over that hump?  Maybe all of the above, but whatever it was I was pleased and grateful for such a good run on such a gorgeous day. 

Hopefully Katie and I can work in more of these runs together as my long runs get longer and as I start pace work in a few weeks.  Her company and that extra push she sometimes gives me will help me get over any more "humps" in my half-marathon training, and I am grateful for such a wonderful running partner and friend.

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  1. Yay!! Way to go! Knew you would jump that hump soon!