Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bits and Pieces - the Random Edition

1.  It is FINALLY warm enough for a jogging stroller run. Look out neighborhood!  Eloise and Jane are on the loose!

2.  I noticed something today when I put Eloise down for her nap.  While there are many good things about her nap time (another cup of coffee, uninterrupted chores, treadmill time, etc.) I discovered a new one today.  All of her musical toys are off! 

3.  There has been a change of plans regarding the marathon in April.  I have decided not to run it.  The training cycle was simply too short for me to ever rest and I was getting worn down.  Every run was hard.  And then that lovely time of the month showed up (and it is ROUGH now) on top of some cold, wet weather... and I took 3 days off.  Not in a row, but close.  That basically blew out of the water my 50 mile week goals for those two weeks and I asked myself, "Why am I doing this?"  Plus, I think it will be fun for the 3 of us to go up there for our first marathon trip together.  Jason has checked with me several times on my decision not to run, but I assure him every time I am A-OK with it.  And I really am.  I'm looking at Air Force in September.  That is a favorite of mine.  So for now... I'm just running again and it is nice.  I'm going to continue my focus on some speed and building a good endurance base, and I will throw in a nice long run each week.  And surviving the warmer temps that put a halt to my mid-day runs.  My eye is still on the November 50 mile race, so I will continue to head that direction in my training for now. 

4.  I'm considering a rubber duck theme for the guest bathroom.  Eloise LOVES ducks.  I think it might be the bright yellow color, but every time there is one in a book we are reading, she reaches for it and gets excited.  She also loves playing with them in the bathtub and so that got me thinking about new decor for the bathroom... I could save its current decor for when she grows out of it... just some thoughts.

5.  I've also given thought to new light fixtures.  I like my little house and I am extremely thankful for the roof over my head... but there are two truths about it.  1.  The builder used the absolute cheapest of everything and was a total idiot when it came to the floor plan.  2.  The first owners had no decorating sense and were also idiots.  I have spent these past 5 years undoing all of the...CRAP they did (like planting 15 different things in the flower beds and painting the walls with sponges in two different shades) and sometimes I want to pull them aside and say, "WHAT IN THE WORLD?"  Okay.  Back to being thankful.  But really, idiots, the lot of them.

6.  I love...LOVE the stay-at-home-mom dress code.  Yes, I am guilty of staying in my pjs and a gigantic sweatshirt all day until I run or shower but really... there are no more comfortable clothes out there.  My feet are extremely happy with me these days because never a high heel do they touch.  When I'm not in my pj pants, I'm in jeans and a cute top or a race t-shirt.  Yes, I try to be cute when Jason comes home so he doesn't think he married his grandma.  But I'm not gonna lie... this is so much better than dress pants and heels!  I'm a dork, I know, but there it is.

7.  Eloise is crawling.  Have I told you that?  Well, she is and she is FAST!  And she's already pulling up on things so this weekend we may lower her bed just to prevent her falling out of it one day.  I'm thinking maybe she's an Olympic athlete in the making... I mean she's obviously a prodigy...

8.  I'm going to stop at 8 today because I need to make some sweet potatoes for Eloise and tackle some laundry.  And I may watch a Disney movie while I'm at it.

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