Monday, March 11, 2013

Bits and Pieces - the Spring Edition

1.  Have you noticed that when I want to write a random list of what is going on around here that I call it "Bits and Pieces?"  That's so if you like the random list you will come and read it when you see "Bits and Pieces." It's my random list theme.

2.  So I had my lady doctor appointment the other day, and when you go to the lady doctor they ask you all sorts of super personal questions that asked anywhere else would make you raise your eyebrows and blush a little.  I am usually not embarrassed by these questions because I know they ask 3000 women a day these questions, but this time one question took me off guard and I might have fudged one of my answers just a tad...  After the ones about smoking and alcohol, the nurse asked if I drank caffeine.  I said yes.  Then she asked how much.  I said about 2 cups of coffee a day.  And that is mostly right, except on those days when I have 3 cups.

3.  Eloise is on the cusp of a no kidding for real crawl. I mean she ALMOST has it!  It is the most exciting thing to me. 

4.  We are building/have built a raised garden in the back yard!  I am so pumped!  I have pictures and everything, and I plan to give the subject its very own post.  I'm going to plant tomatoes, squash, beans and broccoli.  And I'm going to have a strawberry plant in a strawberry pot.  Eloise is going to help me and she already has a sunhat.  So now I need one.

Of course, I am not going to look this cute in mine...
 5.  Do you know that dried banana does not come off a dish in the dishwasher?  It basically turns to cement if you don't rinse it off and wash it right then.  Just so you know.

6.  So it is marathon training time for real.  My week of recovery is over now and it is time to train.  I gave myself a stern talking to on my run yesterday because I am going to have to get serious if I want to be ready-ish by April 27.  It will require some treadmill days and I'm going to have to run more than 3 miles on that thing.  Dedication.  Discipline.  That is what it is going to take.

7.  When I sing to Eloise, she usually does one of two things.  She may sit up and grin at me, and I'm not sure what that means, but it always makes me laugh.  Or she immediately quits her squirming, puts her head on my shoulder and goes to sleep... which always makes me feel just a tad like I might have magical powers.

8.  If you take a puppy and cross it with an inchworm and a baby frog and then try to rock it to sleep, that is what it is sometimes like when rocking Eloise to sleep.  Oh my word.  I never knew someone could wiggle and squirm and push and climb that much.  It is hilarious except when my arms get tired and then I start to wonder how long she can last.  And if she lasts much longer I usually put her in her bed to work it out... which usually results in her going to sleep pretty quickly.  Usually.

9.  My new favorite breakfast is either toast with peanut butter and banana slices on it or oatmeal with banana slices in it and a smidge of cinnamon and sugar.  Both stick with me a little longer than just toast or cereal.

10.  Yesterday while we were working on the raised garden, we opened the screen to the back door and let the fresh air into the house.  I love that smell.  And that is why I love spring.  That and the sunshine and the breezes and the fact that a certain set of pudgy legs can come out of the footie pajamas for me to kiss and squeeze and tickle.  Those legs!  They are the cutest things ever!

And that's it for today's "Bits and Pieces!"  Happy Monday!

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