Friday, March 22, 2013

Simplification and Control...and I Wish I Knew html

So I'm changing my blog design back to what it was before and I'm going to spruce it up myself.  I want control.  I just do.  It is my only creative outlet (besides my new found love of cooking and getting to work in my flower beds and garden soon) and I want to do it all... even if I'm not good at it.  It would really help for me to know html but I'm kind of lazy when it comes to taking the time to learn. I may unlazify myself, though, and do it.

I also like a simple design.  What I really hate is when I go to read a blog and there's junk everywhere.  I hate ads.  Even if they are useful (and let's face it, they rarely are).  I know you get money if people click on them or whatever, but they clutter up a blog or website and they are annoying.  I like a few bits of flare and color, but not too much junk.  I like symmetry.  I like cohesion and a good color scheme.  I really just wanted to use the word "cohesion" but I do like it for real. And I wasn't really crazy about the font of the previous template.  It was too small and light.  I know I'm weird, but your blog is like your hairdo - you should really like it. 

So if you've been a long time reader, you may recognize this design as the one I had before.  BUT, it is also time to update the theme of the blog itself.  It is still going to be primarily about running and training and all the fun adventures and stories that go along with my beloved sport, but I want to write a little more about raising Eloise, my cooking catastrophes, maybe a little about life in general... I want to expand I guess you could say.  I'm a mom and a housewife now so I think it is somewhat natural that I begin to become more... what do you call it... home-maker like.  Or something.

But a runner I am and I runner I hope I will always be and that will forever be the overlying and underlying theme of this ole blog.  And one day I'd like for Eloise to get on here and poke around and see this version of her mom.  If I were to pass away before the age of 97 or 107, I'd like for this to be something I'd leave for her. 

And while we are on the subject of my precious baby girl, let me tell you - she is CRAWLING!  Oh yes.  And she is going to stand before long because she is experimenting with it.  And let me just tell you something else, I am about to be in big trouble.  I am about to be on my toes 24/7.  Why?  Because she is my child and I was a WILD THING when I was little.  I'm not kidding.  Mom and Dad laugh about payback and I always laughed back thinking, "Bring it!"  But I'm going to admit to you here and now that I'm a tad scared.  But I'm also me, so I know I can handle a mini-me.

And speaking of my mini-me, she is up way to early from her third way too short nap so I'm off to answer the call. 

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