Monday, June 3, 2013

The Benefit of Yelling at My Garmin

The other day I ran Eloise over to my sister's house, and then ran home solo while Eloise played with Julie and the kids.  This allows me to get in a few faster miles without the stroller.  I was aiming for 8 miles total and I was keeping an eye on my watch to see how far I'd gone so I knew what route to take back to my house.

As I was running around a familiar loop, I looked at my Garmin and the screen had changed to the time of day.  I couldn't see my mileage so I didn't know if I should take the longer route or the shorter route home.  I tapped it a few times and nothing happened.  It only beeped at me.  I tapped it a few more times as I ran before stopping all together and tapping it more forcefully.  I finally said, "Come on, Stupid," as I tapped tapped tapped and it beeped beeped beeped. 

And then I heard a voice.  "Do you want a running partner?"  I looked up and there was a girl working in her yard - the very yard I was standing in front of yelling at my watch.  I smiled and said, "Yes, I do."  She said, "Really?" as if she had not expected me to say yes at all, and a conversation began.  She said she had seen me running by often and that she likes to run but doesn't run during a time when any of her friends usually go, and I said I had that same problem.  She said her name was Amy but everyone called her Peaches.  She was/is a body builder of sorts and has won several competitions.  I told her I had family who did that as well and we continued to chat for a bit longer, getting to know each other a little.  I liked her right from the start.

She gave me her phone number before I continued on my way telling me to call her the next time I ran.  I was pretty pumped about this.  All of my runs lately have been mid-morning, usually beginning around 8:30-9:00 a.m. when Eloise starts to get sleepy, and because of this they are always alone (with a sleeping baby for company).  When my mom comes to watch Eloise, I still end up running about that same time and alone.  So the thought of having someone to chat with and distract from the mid-morning heat was a nice one.

The next morning I pulled out Peaches' number and smiled as I texted her.  I hoped she was serious when she gave me her number because I intended to use it.  She was game to join me and Eloise, so I ran a loop in my neighborhood before making my way to her house.  We had a GREAT run.  We talked the whole way and I did not give much thought to my tired legs, the challenge of running with a stroller uphill or the heat and humidity in which we were running.  I just ran and enjoyed getting to know my new partner. 

On our way back we picked up another runner named Charlotte and she joined us for a climb up a hill.  My legs were seriously burning, but once again I was distracted by my pals and our conversation.  Charlotte turned off into her neighborhood and then I dropped Peaches off near her house on my way home. She had gotten almost 5 miles and I was getting 6.5 total. 

I'm pretty pumped to have a new running buddy.  And what a funny surprise to find one while having a Garmin issue.  I laughed as I thought about her offering to run with the crazy girl standing in the road yelling at her watch, but I'm so very glad she did.


  1. That's an awesome story! Wish I could find a training partner in my neighborhood!

  2. This is a great story! I could curse a blue streak at my garmin and still only have deer and turkeys to run with. I am glad you have some new like-minded friends! :)

  3. So glad you did! Running with you is awesome!