Friday, October 18, 2013

Bits and Pieces - the Training Edition

1.  This week pretty much wraps up my 50 mile training.  And part of me is glad because my body is tired, and part of me thinks, "I NEED MORE TIME!"  But I've chosen my race, I've signed up, and I'm doing it.  So I'm going to give myself until Tuesday or Wednesday to make it count and then it is taper time.  I've had 2 months of 50+ mile weeks, reaching up to 60 a time or two.  That's big for me.  Maybe I should have done more for 50 mile training, but for this running mama that's all I could give.  I gave what I could - I know that much, so that's what I'm going with.  It is time to stop doubting and to start telling myself I'm prepared.  So I'm prepared.

I didn't follow my plan at all, but I did leave it on the fridge and write the actual totals each week.
 2.  Race photos are so... attractive!  Not really.  When I approach the finish line or a camera man, I try to perk up a little, I always smile, I try to look strong and steady and fast... and when the photo comes out, there's my grandmother running down the road!  Now, I LOVE my grandma.  She was/is one of my all time favorite people. But I was hoping to look like her a little later in life.

3.  My child!  She is a wild woman!  And I love it.  She is in to everything and that keeps me moving.  She wants to touch and hold and inspect and taste everything.  She has bypassed walking and is running/bounding/prancing all over the place.  And she's fast!  She climbs on anything that looks like it could be climbed.  Sometimes she falls off and cries for a second and then she climbs back up once she's over it.  The other day I was tickling her on the couch and she dove behind me and bumped her head on the arm.  She cried and I hugged and when she was okay I noticed there was blood on her face.  She had a little cut just above her eye!  It freaked me out a little, but she was fine.  And she didn't care.  She skins her knees all the time and never even notices.  She's too interested in whatever she was running towards (a leaf, the neighborhood cat, a wide open field).  I love that she is rough and tumble.  I love that it only takes her a second before she's over it.  I only react if she does and then I scoop her up and hug her close and enjoy the 10 seconds of snuggle before she's off again.

Hanging out on my parents' front porch.

On our front porch in her jeans!

Picking a pumpkin
 4.  My child went to Bible class!  For the first time ever, I might add.  That could be partly my fault and partly her moving from two naps to one, and partly her just growing up.  I am just not of the opinion that she needs to "work it out" or "cry it out" when it comes to nursery/Sunday school.  Sure, there is a time to show her that she is fine and to not answer her cry right away - like when I was helping her sleep through the night.  But I'm not sure what is gained by leaving her with people she doesn't know who have 10 other babies to watch, and let her scream and disrupt any semblance of peace and order the teachers and other kids might have.  So after the Lord's Supper in church service, she and I go to the nursery and I stay in there with her until she's comfortable. 

I will say it was LOVELY to sit next to Jason in Bible class and hold his hand and listen to a great lesson by Doug Smith.  It has been a long time since I've just soaked up a peace...without a wild monkey climbing over me.  And while I loved it, I'm not going to do it if Eloise isn't ready to do it.  I go to church to worship, but it is not my only opportunity to do so, and certainly not the only time that I do.  I've had people make comments about my hovering outside the nursery to make sure she's okay... but I don't care.  I'm the mama so I get to decide.  And when my baby girl is ready, she will sit through and enjoy her Bible class and I will be happy to let her.  And this Sunday was so fun and I was so proud of her!

Eating goldfish (for the first time) in Bible class (for the first time).
5.  My class at UAH is coming to an end Oct 30.  It has been SO FUN.  I wasn't sure how it would be and if I would mind going at the end of a busy day with Eloise, but I have really enjoyed it! I love talking about running, helping my students reach whatever fitness and running goals they have, getting to know them, and getting to run with them.  My next class starts in April and with some lessons learned in my pocket, I hope to make it even better!

6.  I think that's it.  I guess this issue of Bits and Pieces should have been called the Eloise Edition.  But for now I'll close with HOW ABOUT THIS FALL WEATHER! 

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  1. Look how BIG your little girl is getting!!! I truly believe the kids classes really help grownups get more out of church service, and allow kids to learn things that are more at their level- but I have been in churches where there weren't kids classes too..
    Looks like you have a great training plan going on!