Monday, February 3, 2014

Bits and Pieces - the Lazy Edition

1. Blogging, running stay-at-home moms, how do you keep up with everything AND write?  As you can see from my pitiful blog here, that is what gets kicked off the to-do list when there is too much to do.  IF I have time to write anything about being a mom or running or training, I think I should be cleaning or organizing or cooking.  And if I'm not doing that, I'm resting when Eloise does because wooo weee!  She's a busy little 18 month old! I think about all these things I'd liked to say... but I never write them down.  I just think about them in the shower or while I'm running.

2.  I'm training for a PR half-marathon. I have two shots lined up so far.  One is a bit soon - the Seaside Half-Marathon March 2 and the other is a brand new marathon in my stomping grounds, the Bridge Street Towne Centre Half Marathon in April.  I'd like the PR in Seaside but I've waited a little late to start speed work so I'm not sure I can get there by then.  But I'm gonna try anyway!

3.  Every night for the last 3 weeks, all I want to do (and all I end up doing) after I read to Eloise and get her to bed is make myself a single serve brownie in a cup (oooooh my word, do yourself a favor and DON'T learn that recipe) and plop down on the couch next to Jason and watch a TV show.  Right now it is Revenge on Netflix unless one of our other shows are on Hulu.  It is the thing I look forward to every single night.  I'm hoping this will end soon.  I've let myself purposefully run out of ingredients for the brownie although I have not yet gained any weight from my new addiction. I guess you could say it is "all natural" and therefore not a bad dessert, but when you put a few scoops of all natural vanilla ice cream on top of your all natural brownie made with butter and sugar... the calories add up!  If you want the recipe, it is here but I warn you... you are opening Pandora's box if you look!

4.  Being a mom has taken on a whole new phase as we get closer to the age of two.  My baby girl is 18 months now and she is a spitfire!  She is not afraid of anything except on occasion the vacuum cleaner.  She likes to jump off of things, she likes to bounce, she likes to climb, she likes to run fast, she likes to be upside down... she's wild.  Occasionally she falls or bumps her head, but only sometimes does that bother her.  I like this and I fear this.  Ha!  But that's not the new phase part.  The new phase is she's finally realized she has her own will and she's starting to exert it.  That means I have to show her that I'm, in fact, the boss and it is my will that will win.  This is hard because I want rainbows and sunshine and baby laughter and tickles all the time.  But if I say the word, "No," all of that goes away.   My head knows she must be taught to obey but my heart still wants to avoid tears at all costs.  I thought I was tougher, but I am not.  However, I will learn to be.  It isn't easy though.

5.  It is the Sacred Month of Love!  I love this month!  I have no idea why except that it is just fun.  I love red and pink and purple and white and flowers and chocolate assortments and stuffed animals and sweet words.  So, I've decided to do a little something sweet/goofy/funny for Jason the first 14 days of this month to say, "I love you."  I might include them on this blog if he doesn't mind.  None of it would be considered an over share at this point... but we are only on day 3.

6.  And now that I've written, I feel that I must get back to my to-do list.  My house is in a sad state - partly because of my wild child and partly because I love sitting on the couch under a blanket so much. This cold winter is doing me in! I usually like it just fine but with a little one who loves going outside to play and doing all the things I mentioned in # 4... I've got spring fever BAD! I did sign her up for swim lessons that start this week and I'm super excited about that. I'm going to try to write a little more, and I do have some things I want to share, but for now you (my two BFFs who read my blog) will have to settle with a few bits and pieces. 

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  1. Can't wait to hear how the swim lessons go! I bet she will love it! Good luck with the "new phase"!!