Friday, October 7, 2016

Racing Two Weeks After Racing

I love this race photo. Not because it's lovely or a particularly great picture, but because of what it represents. It is that "ahhh" moment. The "I did it" moment. The PR moment when I had no idea a PR was possible. I've been living off that moment for two weeks.

Which brings me to tomorrow. Jason and I will head to Fort Payne for #10 in our half-marathon racing streak, and it is only two weeks after the big moment in that picture above. So I have questions. We could call them doubts even.

Can I do that again? Maybe it was a fluke. Can I beat that time a mere 2 weeks later? I have no idea how I did that in the first place. I probably can't beat that time. I'll just use it as a training run. Because the real goal is Dec 3 anyway. Yeah. A training run. Let's go ahead and call it that. No expectations. No pressure.

That's the self talk of late. But I see that picture, and I remember how unlikely a day it was... and I'm still that girl. I'm still that runner. So I guess we'll see. I'll probably get to that start line and give it all I have. Because that's more fun than some ole training run anyway.  It makes me vulnerable to disappointment.  It makes me vulnerable to the doubts and negative talk in my head. But I know I can handle both of those things just fine.

And I do have December. That IS the goal. But I shouldn't be giving myself that reminder until after tomorrow's race.

Okay. Y'all talked me in to it. Tomorrow I'm going for it. Again. If I miss, I miss. And we can all agree it was a good training run.

Running with Mani and the pack that started with him too.

Still in the pack with Mani and some others. Focused.

I call this one "work face."

Going for it! I have no idea what the guy behind me is doing...

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