Friday, July 2, 2010


Everything in life needs maintenance.  Bodies, yards, houses, cars, bicycles, marriages, talents.  What I've discovered is that when I am left with lots of free time, I naturally turn to all the things that need maintenance and begin maintaining, updating, cleaning, clearing, beautifying, the works.  And I love it.

See, I view myself as someone with a limited amount of steam.  I think I have a capacity for large amounts of steam, but I am still going to run out eventually. So when running, working full time, and maintaining a house, yard, self, etc., only so much each day gets done, and to me, not nearly enough. 

BUT, when the 8 hour claim on my time each day (employment) is removed, plus let's say an hour to get ready for that 8 hours and then an hour getting to and from that 8 hours... LOOK at all that time and STEAM left at my disposal!

So, needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) I've been maintaining.

Yesterday, I got up, ran 6.5 miles, saw Jason off to work and sat down for some writing/coffee time.  My massage therapist called around 9 to say that she had a 10:30 opening and I could have it if I would like to come earlier than my 4:00 time slot.  I took it.

I hopped up to mow the back yard (I'd done the front the day before) before my appointment.  I mowed for an hour, drove to get a massage, and then back home to eat lunch and finish my yard work.  I emptied the second bag of grass, watered all my plants and trees, weeded the beds in the front yard, swept off the front porch and straightened a section of the garage, battling a man-eating spider or two.  I attempted to figure out the weed-eater, but it had too many steps and I didn't want to lose any fingers.  I repotted some plants and called it a day for outside work.  I had dirt on top of more dirt on top of massage oil on top of sweat on top of more sweat.  I felt I had finally earned my shower, so I went to get one.

Things did begin to slow at this point.  I was cool and clean, so I focused on things inside. The kitchen, the laundry, a bit of reading, cutting some fresh fruit, and then I tackled something brand new.  The grill.   Jason had already given me instructions, but once I got out there I needed them again.  I called, he instructed, I thought I might blow my face off, but I didn't.

My chicken wasn't nearly as good as Jason's, but it was edible.  I was a little aggravated with it, but Jason gave me some tips for cooking it more slowly on lower heat next time, so now I'm looking forward to trying it again.  Maybe some salmon next time. 

As Jason and I sat down for a little relaxation, I felt satisfied with my day.  More satisfied than I have in a long time. I love maintaining our little home.  I love taking care of Jason and our pup, Chance (who REALLY enjoyed the day with a stay-at-home buddy).  I love working outside, helping things grow, and then enjoying the beauty of it all.  I love time alone to think, work, and write.  Sometimes I rock out to my ipod play list entitled "Cleaning House" and sometimes I enjoy the silence. 

For however long this time lasts, I will enjoy it.  I will take care of my yard, my home, my peeps, myself, my writing until the next step shows up. 

And now I must go because there are these two empty bins I intend to fill, plants to water, surfaces to dust, a dog that might need a bath... maintenance.


  1. Wow - I'm impressed! I'm doing good most days if I make it to the shower AND make my bed.

    You are woman.

    Roar, roar, roar.

  2. Ha ha. We shall see how long the roaring lasts! ;)