Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Over My Head?

I've been swimming pretty consistently for... a week now.  I'm going on two since I swam yesterday after work.  I always wonder if the greater workout really occurs while swimming laps or when attempting to get in and out of a Speedo.  The latter requires some dancing and tugging, that is for sure. 

I like swimming  more than I thought I would, especially in the summer.  I tried to swim with Jason during the winter months, but after a day of being cold, I could not bring myself to put on a bathing suit.  The summer months are much easier and it is a good thing too, now that I am doing the triathlon thing.

Speaking of which, I have one this weekend.  Even though I believed myself to have no interest in doing more than a sprint, I find myself signed up for a bigger one.  This is Jason's fault, of course. When he signs up for an event, I usually sign up as well.  If I'm going with him, I might as well do something.  Usually, there is more than one event taking place so if the event he chooses is too much for me, I can choose the smaller one.

Well.  The Fall Creek Falls Triathlon only offers one event.  Jason signed up for it...and I did too. We will be swimming 1500 meters, riding 24.9 miles, and running 6.2 miles.  I think it is called the Olympic or intermediate distance.

Am I in over my head?  Maybe.  I think I can complete this event, but how well I complete it is another story.  I'm a wee bit concerned about the swim.  My approach to a triathlon has been to swim a few times before the event, just to remind my body how to do it and see what it feels like.  With distances like 400 meters, I believe that is acceptable.  For 1500 meters, however, I'm not sure that will cut it.  And yet... 

So last night I heaved and tugged and smooshed myself into my bathing suit (which is really cute with frogs in all shades of blue on it), put on my sexy swim cap and my suction cup goggles, and decided to see just what 1500 meters felt like.  The previous week I'd been swimming for time, but I wanted to know distance, so I tried to keep count this time.

With two brief breaks and an extra lap or two in there, it took me about 40 minutes to swim 1500 meters. I'm pretty slow in the water, but I am smooth and consistent.  That is in a pool, inside a lane all by myself, however, not in a lake full of strong, fast, crazy, clumsy, directionally challenged swimmers.  This should be interesting.

I'm not so concerned about the cycling portion or the run, except that the run is going to be done in the middle of the day in August...after swimming 1500 meters and riding 25 miles.  Jason has said he will come back and run in with me, and that will help. 

I'm apprehensive, but excited about the new challenge.  And maybe a little glad that I missed all but one day of Shark Week*.

*Yes, I know this is a lake, not an ocean, but the imagination can transcend such limitations.


  1. Wow, girl you are brave. I know you can do it and I can't wait to hear about it. You just made me feel better about my triathlon Saturday (I only have to swim 600m)!! So, thanks :) You continue to inspire me and many others!!

  2. you'll do great. my advice: if it's a mass start, hang to the back and start in the last quarter. there'll be less jostling for a position that you won't be able to hold anyway. and my mile time is not much better than 40 minutes, so i'm in the same boat. most of all, remember that triathlon wins go to the cyclists and runners. the swim's a formality.

  3. You wear a swim cap?! That made me laugh for some reason! Good luck this weekend. Can't wait to hear about it!

    Your Cecil buddy :)

  4. Thank you, Shannon! You are going to ROCK your triathlon!!!

    Brett, it is a wave start and I am in the second to the last wave - and I will most definitely be in the back of that wave.

    Cecil friend, yes, I prefer my neon green one, but I have a ton of white ones from the triathlons. Keeps your hair from getting in your eyes and pulled by the goggles. It is attractive too.

  5. Another good and very interesting post for your running bud Katie. And thanks for the long run on Monday. I had a great time catching up! Also, thank you for faithfully reading and commenting on my running blog. At least someone is reading it!! Have a great Friday and weekend!

  6. I love your running blog! Thank you for being interested and reading mine! :) Hopefully we can get another one of those runs in soon!