Thursday, September 16, 2010

Enough Time

I used to roll my eyes in my head (aka, secretly) when people would whine about how they did not have enough time to do this or that.

"I just don't have time to send an e-mail." "I just don't have time to workout." "I just don't have time to complete that project."

But here is the truth as I see it.  We have time for what we want to do.  Now, some things we don't just long to do like go to work everyday for 8 hours or go to the dentist, but we do these things because we want the money and we don't want our teeth to fall out.  And then there is the time we want to spend sleeping.  And the time we want to spend checking our e-mail or facebook.  And the time we want to set aside for our favorite show(s). And the time we want to spend reading a new book or magazine, or writing a blog for 5 people to read.  Or any other hobby or activity we like to do.  We make time for that.

However, I find myself becoming more and should I put it...humble, understanding, sympathetic to those who claim they do not have enough time because I find myself whining about the same thing lately.  (But then I look at what I wanted to do and I did it so... really...did I have enough time or just use it for something else I wanted more?)

So when I go home after work followed by class and plop down on the couch with a pb&j and pull out my iphone to play Jason in a riveting game of Words with Friends, while sort of watching Dark Blue (which I think is kind of repetitive)...can I complain the next morning of not having enough time to do my stretches, give my sore leg the attention it needs, run the 800 miles I long to run, etc?  Probably not.

And yes, that is what I did last night (and I sort of suspected I would).  This morning, however, I stuck to the plan.  I ran 6.5 miles and then got out the foam roller and tried to breathe while rolling out my sore leg.  While I was down there I gave a little attention to the abs and arms (which I wish I would do every day), and did some more stretches to loosen all that was tight (which currently feels like everything).

I think it helped.  I am going to TRY to make myself do it again tonight after the Inner City Ministry Catfish Fry (yum). And again on Friday.  Time keeps ticking, however.  It is time to get up, time to run, time to go to work, time to do what's next...  Before I know it, it will be time to put all of this training to the test and see if it was enough. 

But really, can I complain about not having enough time when I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing with the time I do have?  Nope.

And just so you know, my dear reader or two, when I crawl into bed at night with a wonderful husband by my side, a sleeping boxer on the floor, a great job (despite the whole 8 hour thing) to go to in the morning, and friends and family I love all around, I know I am one blessed chick.  God has simply given me too many great things to fit into one tiny day.

But I'll get around to them....when I have time.


  1. Hey Jane, I feel honoured to be one of your 5 readers!

    Great post, as we all have the same amountof time, just different priorities. I've recently bumped running up my list of priorities and hence tv has had to drop off the list altogether, sleep has dropped down the list, and all the nice foods I like have been replaced by green tea and salad!

    Happy Running

  2. Hi Andy,

    I am honored that you care to read! :) And yes, running has moved its way up the priority list for me as well. I just have to remind myself occasionally to keep a little perspective sometimes and not let it take control.

    But it is worth a little less sleep, that is for sure!