Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Plans and Predictions

Do you ever wish you could simply peer inside your body and really see what the problem was?  Many times when I have pain or soreness, I wish I knew exactly what was causing it and exactly what I needed to stretch or ice or strengthen to make it well.  And then I wish I had more time in my day (and maybe more self-discipline too) in order to focus on such things than I currently do.

At the moment, the issue I'm having involves my right leg.  I had a bit of knee pain before the 23 mile trail run Saturday, but thought it was caused by old shoes (which I have now replaced, despite their pinky-purpley color). After the 23 miler, the knee was pretty mad.  My massage therapist, Kim, worked on it Sunday and told me it was my IT band causing the trouble, and I agree.  Because now that IT band is so mad, it is aching all the way up to my hip.

The pain is tolerable, but also causes me discomfort even when I am not running, which is not a good sign. So I have taken today off (more by force than pure choice due to canceling my morning run and class tonight after work) and hope to get in some quality time with the foam roller once I get home.  Or possibly The Stick if I can't stand the foam roller.  Either way, the leg needs some TLC and I have to take the time to do it.  

So far, the week looks like this:

(Saturday) - 23 mile trail run in Memphis
Sunday - Massage with Kim, 5 mile run
Monday - 10 mile run with the girls at 5:00 a.m.
Tuesday - 8 mile run with Kristi at 5:15 a.m., fast 2.5 mile on the greenway to mark Nobo course, 2.5 slower with Nobo runners.
Wednesday (today) - off, TLC to leg, complete healing
Thursday - not sure, depends on level of predicted complete healing, but 6-8 miles would be preferred and then some swimming after work.
Friday - run some miles with Katie before Nobo run at 5:45 a.m.
Saturday - 20 mile run with Katie.
(Sunday) - hopefully some trails either in the morning before church or later that afternoon.

All in all, if I am able to hit at least 6 on Thursday and at least 8 on Friday, that would put me around 60 miles for the week (Starting Sunday, ending Saturday), despite taking today off...if the leg cooperates...which it will because I've already predicted the complete healing that will take place tonight. (insert hopeful winky face here).

So I'm telling you and I'm telling me that I MUST focus on my leg TONIGHT!  And maybe some stretching in the office at lunch.  My ice pack is here as well, so there's that.  It's about accountability.  And complete healing.


  1. I will pray for that complete healing! Ice, foam roller and a good night's sleep will do the trick!

  2. Thank you, my friend! I plan to do just that!!!

  3. Yea, look at all those runs with me! Hope you get to feeling better. It's hard when you are running a lot of miles (this is a lot to me!). Seems like something always flares up.

  4. I know! I was thinking about it this morning and wondering how all of those ultra people who do WAY more than me run injury free. I mean, I know they have issues from time to time, but I don't think I could get my body to run 80 miles a week right now. Whew! And that is LOW for some of them.