Monday, October 25, 2010


It has been a little over a week since the madness that was the 50 miler, and I am glad to say I feel mostly mended.  One knee remains ugly, but the damage at this point seems mostly topical with some bruises turning lovely shades of blue, green, and yellow. 

I started running again on Wednesday with a 3 miler on the most beautiful day yet.  My quads were unhappy with my choice, but the rest of me was thrilled!  I smiled like the cheeseball I am as I started running down my road, on the asphalt.  The wonderful, glorious asphalt.  I did not wear a watch, so I have no idea what my pace was, but it felt great to get out in the sun and move!

I ran 3 milers on Thursday and Friday as well, with bits of soreness moving around from day to day.  Saturday I bumped it up to 5 miles and that felt pretty good.  Sunday I wanted to do 3, but I had too much Halloween candy in my tummy and could only manage 1.5.  Those Kitkats can be lethal. 

This morning (Monday) I had planned to meet my running girls at 4:45, but the storm rained us out.  I was glad for the rain, but disappointed to miss my run.  I am ready to see my girls!  Tapering and recovering have made it about 2 weeks or more since I've seen them, and that is simply too long.  I brought some clothes and toiletries to work so I could run at lunch but...alas...I suspect I forgot my sports bra once again.  Erg.  I will have time this afternoon, but it just makes for a busier evening.

I need to start hitting the mileage again to see what I've still got.  My hope is that all the training for the 50 mile is still there and I can run one heck of a marathon on November 7, but...I'm not sure it works that way.  Feeling recovered does not necessarily mean one is recovered, and I am not sure how long true recovery takes after an event like that.  I've got two massage therapy appointments between now and the 7th, and all I know to do is see what I can run this week.  Can I get in another 20 miler?  Maybe just 18?  I'm trying to figure out how to fit it in, if my body will even let me go the distance.  I need to do it this week in order to give myself a full week to "taper" for the marathon.

Crazy.  I realize that now.  But the close proximity of the Marshall University Marathon and the chance to get in another state toward my 50 states pulled me in and I signed up.  I expected to be tired after the 50 mile, but I had no idea I'd be so...beaten.

So we shall see.  After this I really am going to dial it down a notch, work on recovery and full body fitness once again.  It is the holiday season, after all, and one needs more time for celebrating, planning, decorating, visiting, cooking, and such.  I only need a certain amount of miles to support all the TREATS that go along with the season, after all!

The Reneau Family at Trunk-or-Treat 2010!
A hug from a niece!
A hug from Obi Wan Kinobi


  1. Cute trunk or treat pictures! I wondered how soon you would feel like running again. Wednesday of last week is only 3 days off after the 50! Hope to see you soon!

  2. I'm ready to get back out there!!! Especially if it involves roads. ;)
    I'm also ready to see YOU! I hope we can fit a run in this week.