Monday, November 8, 2010


Turns out I made the right decision about this weekend.  It was very productive, and while I enjoyed running each day, I was relieved that I had not chosen to do 26.2.  The running itself was good, but afterward, I felt like a creaky old lady.  Jason said I feel that way because I am not yet recovered...and I believe him but good grief.  Enough already!

I had a fun and fast 7.5 miler on Saturday.  A fun and COLD 6 miler with Shannon Sunday morning, and another cold 6 miler this morning with the gaggle.  I feel like I'm getting back into a routine and that feels good.  I'm trying to get my recovering old lady self into a regular yoga or pilates class to help things.  It won't be pretty for the first few weeks, but I know it will be a step (or pose) in the right direction.

On another note, we made some MAJOR progress on the house.  We consolidated, organized, shredded, and bagged until we had our files in order, our junk in trash bags, and an empty study.  Of course the front room looks like something from the hoarders TV show, but at least we know what all of it is and where it will need to go once the bedrooms are re-carpeted. 

When we were finished, we looked at our trash bags and shook our heads.  How in the world did we have all of that stuff we did not need?  It felt good to get rid of it and to be organized once again.  Our motto while cleaning and clearing was WWJRD.  "What Would Julie Rudolph Do?"  Jason asked if that was sacrilegious and I said no since the original "J" didn't come up with that slogan.  To explain, you have to know my sis. And since you may not know her, I will go ahead and tell you that she is the Jillian Michaels of cleaning out.  All she needs is a British accent and she could have her own show.  We considered using her services, but in the end, I felt we did a pretty good job on our own with our little motto as our guide. 

It is now time for me to go to Kemp's Flooring and pick the new carpet and make an appointment for them to come install it (does one install carpet?).  My original plan was to walk in, tell them I wanted what they put in the Rudolph's house and walk out.  Jason nixed that, however, saying I needed to pick our own carpet.  I, for one, know very little about carpet, paint, color schemes, room layouts, etc.  What I do know, I've stolen from other people.  I have no shame in seeing something I like in someone's house and doing the exact same thing in mine.  But, I will go and browse the swatches all the same. When, exactly, may be tricky. 

The only thing that received none of my attention this weekend...the paper.  We spent all day Saturday (9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.) working on the study and then Sunday I did laundry and vacuumed the house and then sat on the couch for just a second and got sucked into "Freedom Writers," which is a great movie by the way.  Jason was diligently doing his own homework and when he saw me sitting on the couch he asked about the paper. I told him I was thinking about it and planning it out in my head.  Then I told him not to talk to me until the commercials.

So, that leaves me my lunch breaks at work to write and ...alas...I will have to finish it up Tuesday evening.  Not ideal, but I can give up my TV time with Jason this one time.  I am so pumped about the home improvements.  I know it seems trivial, but there is just something so rewarding about having one's home in order. 

So there you have it!  Good decision made, good weekend had!  The end.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the calming and happy feeling you get when your house is just so.

    This weekend, I had to teach a make-up guitar lesson at my apartment, and at first I was all "She's only 15. She's not going to care if everything is dusted," but then I got into psycho cleaning mode and ended up not only dusting, but vacuuming, mopping - the works. And I feel so good about it.

    When I left my apartment this morning, it looked so cozy that I had a hard time going to work.

    So good for you!

    Also, I'm pretty sure that "Hoarders" is a real-life horror show. It grosses me out, but I can't. Not. Watch it.

  2. Oh, it is an awful show! I've only watched it a few times because it makes me want to throw EVERYTHING away (and we really do need a few things like the kitchen table and a chair or two).

    My house still looks pretty scary, so I did not mind leaving, but it is going to be ROCKIN' when it is finished. I can't wait!

  3. Advice on the carpet---get something very durable and a little darker than you would think. I know too many people who've had to redo carpet because it's gotten worn and/or dirty way too quickly. I am so jealous that you cleaned and organized. I wish I was more like your sister but I think I am actually more like a hoarder!

  4. That is exactly the direction in which I am going with the carpet. And then we are buying gates because the ole pup won't be allowed in them. Poor guy.

    Do you need to invite Julie over to your house for a session? ;)

  5. Maybe I should start a business. I would LOVE it. :-) Maybe it is what I will do when I retire from my current job and mom/teacher. I like "WWJRD". Maybe that could be my slogan. Glad you had a great productive weekend. love ya!