Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Times, They Are A Changin'

Ah, that good old "fall back" that everyone grumbles about.  A co-worker of mine said to me as we were walking into work yesterday, "I wish they would just leave it alone."  She shares the sentiment of my husband and many others, although I don't think they are really complaining about the extra hour of sleep, but more so the darkness that shows up a lot earlier than it used to.

I've joined in with the occasional complaint about the early darkness.  In my cushier days of working for the government (although, I guess you could say I still do), I could amend my schedule and leave work at 4:00p.m. once the time changed so I could enjoy a bit of sunlight in the afternoon.  That is no longer an option with this new job, so I leave in darkness with the rest of Huntsville at 5:00 p.m. 

Still, for me there is an upside to the time change and it has to do with the fact that I am an early morning runner.  As summer ends and the days grow shorter, the darkness of the morning grows longer and I end up starting and finishing my run in the dark.  When the time changes, however, I am suddenly met with a sunrise much earlier than before and I love that.

This morning was particularly nice as Kristi and I were running directly into the sunrise.  As the line of pink and orange began to appear on the horizon, I thought, "How nice is this?"  Not only is it nice to be able to see where I am going, it is nice to be greeted by such a lovely sight!  I can say with honesty that I love starting my day this way.   Sure, it is sometimes grotesquely early, but so very worth it.  Those first few moments of being awake may be a little tough, but once I get up and start moving, I'm always glad I did.  

Friends have said I am disciplined and dedicated, but really, I'm getting so much more than the hour of sleep I gave up. Good exercise.  Good conversation with a friend or two or seven.  And many mornings, an amazing sunrise.  It feels like God is saying, "good morning" as he presents his beautiful gift.  I want to be awake to see that.  I want to be outside running, seeing, and experiencing before I start a day of sitting, staring at a screen for 8 hours. 

So even though times are changing as they always have, it is not all lost hours and darkness.  There is light and beauty to be found as well.  I mean what better way to spend that extra hour?   


  1. I think you just motivated me to get out of bed a little earlier in the morning and at least walk. Somewhere.

    And...you ARE so dedicated! I'm jealous.

  2. Do it, girl! You won't regret it one bit (at least not once you are out there). ;)