Wednesday, January 5, 2011

31 Years and 5 Cupcakes

This morning I awoke at the usual time and put on the running clothes I had set out the night before.  Yawning and rubbing my eyes, I told Jason good-bye and made my way into the kitchen for something to drink before meeting the girls to run.  And then I remembered... we weren't meeting at the usual time, but 15 minutes earlier!  That meant they were already running and I had not even left the house!  I debated crawling back into bed, but decided against it. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door.  I could not miss this morning's run!  It was the morning of my 31st birthday and I had eaten 5 cupcakes the night before.

I really wanted a run with my girls on my special day, and I think we can all agree I had a little something to burn off.  I used my psychic runner powers and hoped they were running toward my house.  I drove the route I thought they would take and sure enough I found them, blinky lights flashing, reflective gear glowing. I pulled up next to them and yelled, "I forgot when we were starting this morning!"  They immediately began singing happy birthday.  I told them I was parking in the shopping center behind them and they turned around to meet me there.  It was great.  They are awesome.  End of story. 

But not the birthday story. We laughed as they told me they were planning to sing outside my house.  I ran 6 miles with them, ending up back at my car as they headed back to our usual meeting place.  That was all I had originally planned to do.  The day before I had run 10 miles with Kristi and then attended the Turbokick class at the gym later that night.  I was tired. But the 5 cupcakes...added to the fact that there were more cupcakes at home and a lunch date with some girlfriends at work later that day...I stood there considering more miles.

"No, I need the rest."  

"But you ate 5 cupcakes."

"I did a lot yesterday before I ate the cupcakes."

"But you ate 5 cupcakes. FIVE!  Not two, FIVE!"

"It is cold out here and I am tired after yesterday."

"Do I need to mention the cupcakes again?"

Back and forth I went, standing next to my car looking out across the parking lot.  And then it hit me.  If I ran 2 more miles, I would have a total of 31 for the week so far.  Jason had asked me before my birthday if I wanted to run a 50k for my 31st.  I laughed and said no.  He asked because I had run 30 miles for my 30th birthday, so it was a reasonable question.  It would be a lie if I said I hadn't considered it, but I since I'm planning another marathon in February, I decided it would hinder more than help.  Hitting 31 miles this week on my 31st birthday, however...that I could do.

Happy with my decision, I drove home to get Chance the boxer.  I figured he would enjoy two extra birthday miles as well.  We ran together through the neighborhood as the morning finally started to grow light.  I felt better doing a bit more exercise since the previous night's cupcake binge, and I enjoyed celebrating my 31st birthday in my own running fashion.

Jason laughed and shook his head when I told him how I'd gotten in my 31 miles for my 31 years. I figure it is all his fault anyway. He is the one who made the cupcakes.


  1. Ha, that's great. You are awesome to admit you ate 5 cupcakes :) But after 10 miles and a class I would say you have nothing to worry about (not to mention your bday morning run)!! So here's to more cupcakes!!!!


  3. Happy birthday! And you should eat at least a few more cupcakes to celebrate. And then, if I were you, I'd jog in place really fast while singing "She's a maniac, maaaaaniac on the floor..." a la "Flashdance." If you turn in circle while you do it, I have it on good authority that it will burn at least 50% more calories...

  4. Consider it done. I love that song.

  5. Great seeing you yesterday! I was so disappointed when you didn't show up where we usually meet. Everyone thought you'd slept in accidentally. Glad you still made it out! And happy birthday!