Monday, January 3, 2011

Stats and Such

Every year I look forward to the great calendar purchase. This is when I go to Staples and purchase the exact same calendar that I have had for over 10 years.  I fill in all relevant birthdays and anniversaries (green pen for birthdays, pink pen for anniversaries), and then any plans for the new year such as known races and hair appointments.

I also count up the yearly mileage total of the previous year and transfer all monthly totals to the new calendar.  These go back to 2006.  And I love this part.  I love the numbers.  And it is crazy to me that I love these numbers because I can't add or subtract worth a flip.  My slogan: "I'm an English major. You do the math."  (Although how good of an English major I am is also under question). 

Anyway, here is an example of the past 5 years in mileage.  I'm not going to use every month because that would be tedious for an already boring topic (although, I like it hence the blog entry).

  • 2006 - 65 miles
  • 2007 - 84.7 miles
  • 2008 - 117.6 miles
  • 2009 - 203.3 miles
  • 2010 - 175.7 miles
  • 2006 - 88 miles
  • 2007 - 86.6 miles
  • 2008 - 167.4 miles
  • 2009 - 161.1 miles
  • 2010 - 200 miles
  • 2006 - 99 miles
  • 2007 - 76 miles
  • 2008 - 167 miles
  • 2009 - 186.6 miles
  • 2010 - 237 miles (highest mileage month to date - training for 50 miler)
Yearly mileage for 2009 - 2068.6
Yearly mileage for 2010 - 2091.4

Looking at these totals always amazes me, and every year as I am writing them in, I share this amazement with Jason.  It is funny how his entrance into my life shows up in the mileage numbers.  It is interesting how the mileage in 2009 and 2010 has almost doubled since 2006.  I remember when I first met Jason, he used to run in 1 week what I ran in a month.  I never tried to do what he did, but his approach to the sport definitely influenced my own.

Not only has Jason affected these mileage increases, but also the amazing gaggle of running girls I am so blessed to know.  I would have never been able to get out and run on 24 degree mornings (such as this very morning) or tackle the insane hills I've tackled without the accountability, encouragement and pure fun I have when I plan to meet them for a morning run. 

Looking at the year of 2010 alone is also amazing to me.  If someone told me at any point in those early years I would run more than a marathon...I would have laughed.  Yet I began the year running 30 miles for my 30 years on January 2, 2010, running every single mile with my dearest and best on a brutally cold day (19 degrees, windchill of 7ish, I think) to celebrate a new decade of my life. 

I did not run a personal record for my marathon in 2010 and that was a disappointment for me.  So what did I do instead?  A 50 mile trail run of all things.  I still have a hard time believing that was real.  And to top it off, Jason completed his first Ironman with flying colors, and that was an amazing experience for both of us.  What a year! 

I can't help but shake my head and wonder what adventures and experiences 2011 holds.  There will be triumphs, I hope.  And probably a few obstacles and disappointments along the way.  Maybe something new.  Perhaps a marathon PR.  Maybe another 50 miler.  Trips to new places.  Or a change in venue altogether as Jason and I embark on new adventures having nothing to do with our chosen athletic pursuits.

I don't look back in arrogance but in...amazement thinking, "Look at what I was able to do!"  I feel blessed.  I can't leave that out of it.  I give God full credit for this body He made and this desire in my heart to use it in this fashion.  I hope He shows me how to glorify Him better through that, for that is more important than any of the things I listed above.

I am truly grateful for every step, every moment, every experience I've had because of this beloved sport and I look forward to all the steps, moments, adventures and experiences (okay, and mileage numbers) that 2011 may bring.


  1. congratulations on a pretty spectacular last year in running, janie. i hope this year's even better.

  2. Cool. This makes me want to keep track of my miles. I just might have to start writing them down! Thanks for the awesome run Saturday! I wasn't too sore and was able to do mile repeats today without a problem. Feeling good!!

  3. Impressive to see those totals increasing, Jane. And Happy Early Birthday!!!!

  4. I'm glad you felt good after our Saturday run, Shannon! That is very telling of how READY you are going to be for the half! ;)

    Thank you, Brett and Katie. I continue to be amazed at those numbers!

  5. So before my run today I was waiting on my friend and thought, "I'll look through my Garmin and see what my stats are." I looked at totals and it was 666! AHHHH!!!!! After a 5 miler I have a much less evil total, ha! Kinda scared me for a minute!!

  6. HA! Oh my word! That is crazy! So glad you got rid of that number! Do you download your Garmin to the computer?

  7. No, I haven't yet but I think I am going to get Phillip help me!

  8. It is pretty easy and then you can see so much stuff! I love it!

  9. Boy can I relate to the 5 cupcake deal. It may not be cupcakes with me, but it's something (personally, I love candy.)

    Happy birthday! It's always fun to read other runner's endeavors. (no idea if I spelled that correctly : )